Meet Andrew Martorell who nowCalls himself Andrew Patterson. International man of mystery and all round purveyor of Pork Pies, and by the looks of him quite a few!  

We were first made aware of Andrew a few years back when his name was linked to a story in the national press 
This is a story of when our super army soldier was up to no good, but under his real name. Wonder why he changed it!’a%2Bcrime%2Blord’.-a0329437036?client=safari

Byline: from Bill Bond in Madrid 
“AN ex-SAS hero has been seized for allegedly masterminding a string of armed robberies. 
Andy Martorell, 44 – who served in Iraq in the First Gulf War in 1991 – is said to have been the brains behind three raids.”

For some reason the press assumed he was ex special forces(now where would they have got that from)
We challenged him on this claim back then and he went to ground, He then popped back up a few weeks ago. 

                 So off to work we go.

He was working for a company called JJ Tactical owned by Lord Paul Johnson, but he’s another fake… not awarded CBE. Another story to be told 
Owned a company called Land Air Sea Tactical Solutions.
Whilst he was in Dubai he used to tell people he was part of the B20 patrol and would sing shit dits about his time in the SAS. Even Dirk Steel would be spitting feathers! 

He then secured a training contract based on his bloated service career and SAS times with the Sierra Leone police.

Point to note. He was never in the SL Police, which he tries to claim or was he even made an honourary member whilst training a branch of them up. Fake SL Police too then 😊

Not even him

This is the company he now runs

He Sent out a document regarding some training in Sierra Leone, in that document, he put a picture claiming it was him “A.M.P” and blacking the face out, however, having googled the picture it is not, Shock!!

          The picture he claimed was him 

This is where he obtained the image from for his bluff presentation to a charity on child soldiers!

His career

He was AMF during gulf war one.

 He did complete a Basic cp course, but was to never deploy in that role as his course report read that he was to never be deployed, due to being a weak candidate who just scrapped through. 

He never deployed in the CP role!

He was in 158 Pro Coy in Bulford. Served around eight years and left as a CPL in 1996 And entered civ div.

       He has never completed 

A Basic Military Parachute Course.

P Company. 

The All Arms Commandos Course.

UKSF selection.

He was never involved with operation Barras! He was no longer serving during that time!! 

He is walting to governments to get mulit-million pound contracts which could lead to a situation where people could get killed based on his fabricated service and experience. 

We are told for a fact that he has the SAS cap badge tattooed on his arm, and underneath it is a list of ops, Bosnia, Borneo, etc etc. If you have a clear picture of it. Please send it in. 
Not sure what Patterson was trying to suggest with this picture on his profile, but they are Aus SAS you plum!

What a bloating Cumper 

Members of the press. If you need more information then contact us here