This blog will be updated to name those collecting in the name of Scam Forces Charities who feel it’s ok to con people into parting with their money for a promotion company directors  benefit.


The Invicta Foundation take 20%

Promotion company

Events Management Solutions takes 80%


 The Frenchgate in Doncaster 

Guineas center Newmarket.  

1200hrs 17 Nov 2016

Being a very smug git and didn’t care about 80% not going to what he was asking people to donate to.

12.30 17 November 2016

Scamming Cowards did a runner

The Power of the WMHCHQ within 30 minutes the cowards did a runner. Glad your watching EMS and Invicta. Not so smug now Josh 😉 we have eyes on all day!
Well done club Members. Keep at it, but keep it legal

22 November 12:00 Birmingham NEC

Charity Scammer walking towards the guy taking the picture is Ryan Barber

By 14.39 he and his mate paste up, patched up, packed up and pissed off. 


St Knight Military Charity 

1st Knight collecting in Leicester today. When approached they became aggressive, verbally abusive and offered to take me outside in the car park. Centre management informed as well as local police officer who was in the centre. Shopping centre is The Beaumont.
10.15 18 November 2016

The abusive charity collector. 

Meet Nathan Southern 

 show this link to the centre management. Let them know what type of scumbags they are allowing to menace people for money

Used to work for prize promotions under Kris Sutcliffe (support the heroes/our local heroes)

Harrogate Shopping centre 

Here he is again but this time in Doncaster shopping centre,not wanting to show his face. 

With His accomplice 

Foy Robinson 

Again friends with 

Does the TAX man know all these clowns are getting cash in hand from Sutcliffe?

Meet Tom Curren was working for Events Management Solutions scamming for the Invicta Foundation. But jumping ship to 1St Knight Military Charity. 
Note no collectors ID

Who’s mates with Sean Smythe from EMS 

Read all about 1St Knight and Kris Sutcliffes involvement

Who is connected to Kris Sutcliffe 

Who just happens to also be linked to…..Billy Greenwood

Airedale shopping centre 
12.00 Hrs 19th November 2016

  • On their toes by 15.20 Hrs

Well done to the club members who politely challenged 1st Knight Military Charity collectors at the Airedale shopping centre today.

Yet another bunch of scammers doing a runner back to Blackpool from the shopping center after being tasked over taking advantage of the general public’s generosity towards charities, which claim to support the troops. They don’t!
A regular face with 1st Knight Military Charity. Who when asked a perfectly legitimate request to see ID tried to hide her face. However 
This “lady” was ejected from two other  shopping centers only last week.

Here partner in crime refused to show his ID and attempted to give a bluff name when asked. Kevin Hart.

But he was identified by our steely eye Members as being William Greenwood.

Again Both are best mates and in business with Kris Sutcliffe 

William Greenwood was Pro Fundings manager

“when confronted about the concerns, director William Greenwood admitted it could “do more to help with public confidence”.

Not doing a very good job of it. Billy boy!
who the CEO of 1st Knight claimed had been sacked after this.

“The charity’s fundraising manager Christopher Wilkinson said they had stopped using firms such as Pro-Fundraising Ltd and had brought fundraising in-house so that 100pc of income would go to the charity.”

So how come the Manager of Pro funding is spotted doing a runner today?

Kris Sutcliffe

Read all about it!
23 November 14.08

1st knight military charity set up in the Observatory shopping centre, Slough
Scam sellers

William Greenwood

William Fowler 

Mates with…..yep you guessed it

The plot Thickens 

The bitch in the office

As will all Company’s you have the office bitch and with not  much to do these days due to losing contracts this lad can only troll Military web pages throwing insults towards serving and former soldiers in some weak school boy rant. However like most morons they leave a foot print. 

To be Continued