Welcome to the world of Scotty glover 

Claims 10 years service 7 para RHA, 

Claims to have passed his Basic military Parachute course

Claims service in Afghanistan and Iraq, 

Pictures he sent to one of his victims, claimed he’s the guy on the left. Google is a great thing for walts and bloating!

Claimed to have PTSD from witnessing children and his mates die in combat.

Claims to have been homeless for a long time, mainly due to his service to queen and country.

Reality from several people who personally knew or had worked with him.

Scott Radcliffe Glover, 31, in 2013 was given a 12-month restraining order and was fined £175 with £100 costs for harassment.

His MO is to target single mothers or vulnerable women, who He tells of his fear in a firefight, shooting a kid, watching his pals die. 

Once he’s got them completely convinced with his stories he abuses their trust and makes them pay for him and when that runs dry, He moves on to the next victim.

When confronted he reverts to the old PTSD and posting everything on Facebook in capitals. All down to his PTSD or in other words Personally.Talk.Shit.daily..

He’s Currently set a charity up with his tales of being a every mans hero, using he time in the army and living it rough as his reasons.
Glover is currently attempting to gain media fame in a quest to get his walting story out there about his fabricated hardship..
Not the first time he’s tried to get famous.


The Truth 

A CC1 went out to members of 7 RHA. Over 60 members from 1989 onwards confirmed that he was never a member of 7 RHA so why make such a claim?

No P Company records

No Military Parachute record 

There are records that suggest he joined the RA….but left after seven months, but this sorry tale of real reasons for his exit will be continued at a later date!  

As soon as we posted his come on down he made this claim on his wall.

We then made contact with Scott and put the question to him.

He then blocked us! So given the chance and would not even verify his number. Read into that what you will.

What a CUMPER!!!