THIS IS CARL HAMMOND another Charity Scammer using the forces for his own bank balance 

Carl claims he has set up a charity in his so called best friends name who had taken his own life due to Armed forces PTSD. 

The man is question did not suffer from PTSD associated with his time in the forces but he did take his own life for another reason.

Carl had actually only known the man in question for Three weeks and was not his best friend nor a friend of the family.
The deceased mans family and former partner have asked Carl to stop using the man in questions name in this way, they have asked if he can be EXPOSE AND STOP CARL FROM SCAMMING!

Carl himself has never served and does not have any connection to the armed forces. 

Not sure why he’s wearing that badge

Carl is a liar and a conman and now pockets all the money he gets from advertising armed forces PTSD and homeless Soliders. Carl has a website that sells clothes and claims every item that is sold another item the same goes to a homeless veteran. 

Carl Hammond has never helped the family of the man he claims he set the charity up for. 

Carl does have volunteers who work unpaid to help those that come forward. 

Carl’s volunteers have asked to see the financial documents but he will not disclose anything, they tell me they have connected the police about him.

He’s now resorting to making counter accusations towards real vets in order to throw smoke and detract from from himself. A commonly known trait by such types.

Carl’s charity has the name Jobs for Soldiers but is not yet registered with the charity committee.

Carl Hammond is a conman and We need to expose him and stop him from taking money off the generous public in the name of our injured Heroes. 
Take a look at the post in the last two pictures, it’s his latest scam and lie. He has removed it from his pageonce people realised he was not being honest. However screen shots were captured before he managed to remove it.

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Can you please share this amongst your security networking groups and all public groups.