Welcome to the seedy Dyslexic world of 1st Knight Military Charity CEO Andy Linihan or…….


Andrew James Linihan as he was known when was arrested and later jumped bail in Florida in 2011, for grand theft in excess of $20,000.

After the WMHCHQ turned the heat on 1st Knight Military Charity and its collectors. The CEO decided to distanced themselves from who were providing the paid collectors, Game of Skill tickets and wrist bands, which accounted for 80% of the takings!
Managed on bog paper by Billy Greenwood, but worked from behind by Kris Sutcliffe,,  Just like Rod Hull used to “fist” Emu in the 70’s!
Billy Greenwook & Kris Sutcliffe at Fat fighters
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As for today 28/11/2016 all fundraising has Stop If you see any one trying to sell Sell Ticket or Wristbands please call the Police as there not working for 1st Knight Military Charity.
Back to Linihan
Our club member personally called the bail bond company, who confirmed the record, but unfortunately considers the matter closed for them, as it is over 3 years old and they can’t recover the money (They no longer even have the file).
They also said the US wouldn’t bother chasing someone overseas for this level of crime.
Either way, I believe there is enough to run the story.
We confirmed with Florida State that Andrew Linihan still has an outstanding warrant to appear:
Florida Department of Law Enforcement – Wanted Person
Failure To Appear
Reporting Agency:
Agency Case #:
Date of Warrant:
Warrant #:
Date of Birth:
5′ 08″
Hair Color:
Eyes Color:
Scars, Marks, Tattoos:
Last Known Address City and State:
This is the same guy in the BBC expose video.  it says born in the UK with a Feb 1953 birth date (Which matches with his birth date on his registered UK directorships (More on that later).
Taken from the BBC at the 1st Knight shop in Blackpool
Also see here:
See here also for later warrants issued for failure to appear:
We can also place him in Florida where he worked as a realtor, along with his fellow 1st Knight Charity trustee Melanie Rowley

He registered a company called 1st Knight Realty LLC, where Rowley was also listed as a key person

Between them also registered 1st Knight Realty Referral Group, DAB Construction and 1st Time Investors LLC
He also has a profile on Zillow.com as a Realtor with 1st Knight GMAC Real Estate (With his ugly mug profile pic)
Andy Linihan's Profile Photo
The following court case also ties Linihan and Rowley together, and places them in Florida and Denton, Texas.
By the way, he really loves the whole 1st Knight theme!
In the UK, he registered the following companies under the names Andrew or Andy Linihan and Andrew James Linihan:
1st Heritage Estates Ltd:  Listed first as Andy then later changed it to Andrew
As Andrew James Linihan he also registered a funeral company with the name Linihan and Son Ltd.  This one also lists a relation, Darren Linihan.
All of the above directorships show a Date of Birth of Feb 1953 which matches the Florida Warrant (Feb 16th 1953).

I then started taking a look at who registered 1st Knight Charity’s website

Note 2 things, beside his name:  Linihan and Son matches one of his registered companies, and his email address andyltherealtor@gmail.com tying him to his work as a realtor.
Registrant ID: CR160696026
Registrant Name: Andy Linihan
Registrant Organization: Linihan and Son
Registrant Street: 112 Perry Spring
Registrant City: Harlow
Registrant State/Province: Essex
Registrant Postal Code: CM17 9DJ
Registrant Country: GB
Registrant Phone: +44.
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +44.
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: email@gmail.com
That lead me to look up linihanandson.co.uk
1st Knight Realty

Registrant type:

Registrant’s address:
*** perry sparing
CM17 9DJ
United Kingdom

The address matches 1st Knight Charity and also shows the Registrant as 1st knight Realty, 
Next, his logos – The man is on an ego trip with his Linihan Crest. Note it is the same as the one that surrounds 1st Knight Charity’s logo
Note a couple of other things about their Facebook page:  Firstly, it says “Lives in Tampa Florida” but has a .co.uk website listed.
Also check Melanie Rowley’s Facebook Profile – she is friends with the funeral company:
Andrew’s relation, Darren Linihan (Co director of the funeral company) worked at D and L Essex, according to his Facebook Profile. 
A window company with the same Linihan Logo.
Here is how we think he is channeling the 20% donations back to himself while giving the appearance of running a charity.
He also owns or runs 1stknight bed and breakfast in Murcia, Spain.  All funds raised by the charity are then used to cover the room and board at his bed and breakfast.  It’s genius!!  
Even if he is using a going market rate to set his B&B rates paid by the ‘charity’, this is still a massive conflict of interest as the trustee of any genuine charity.
 (We have run this with experts with 10 years of experience as Chairman’s and Treasurer’s on Charitable boards).1795926_248763505310675_43027167283461785_o
See page 42 of this:

1st Knight Charity and 1st Knight Bed  and Breakfast work as one. We are open to anyone 365 days a year – come for a day, or stay for a year. All rooms come with Internet access, coffee/tea making facilities. All funds that we raise cover free room and board for our wounded Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and anyone that is terminally ill.

Sadly, their listed website 1stknightbandb.com appears to no longer be up and running.
But they do have a Facebook page:
There’s even a pic of Andy & Mel relaxing by their pool:
Here’s a link to a review referring to Andy and Mel as the owners [Andy Linihan and Melanie Rowley perhaps?]
Yep this is the same Respite home they claim is for veterans, yet not that many  get to see the place and those that do, Well, we will leave that out there for you to decide 😉
There is more to come…