Well here we go again. With the 3rd party promotions companies and Forces Charity CEO’s being economical with the truth.

They all follow the same pattern, over £5000 they need to registered as a charity which most do, its a loop hole that is then exploited pretty much to the max, they all follow the same MO.

First it was:-
Support the Heroes -Busted

The Invicta Foundation -Busted

1st Knight Military Charity –Busted

Now it’s the turn of Army of Angels

To fall under the watchful eye of the WMHCHQ and its massive reach.

Club Members had notified us in the past about the aggressive and pushy nature of the charity collectors again like the other three,  attempting to get folk to buy “game of Skill” tickets at £2.50 each.

According to their charity accounts, (that’s the 20%) In 2016, issued grants of £30k whilst paying themselves £68k, mostly to the partner and son of one trustee. Disgusting!

So gave 35 individuals a total of £30,151 so about £861 average while salaries awarded to Army of Angels amounted to £67,926.

The complaints

Like the other complaints were coming in about the aggressive and pushy behaviour  of the charity collectors.
One such incident 30 November 2016

Army of Angels Currently at the Broadway Shopping Precinct in Plymstock, Plymouth. Collector became aggressive towards a wife of a serving member of the Armed Forces when she asked a simple question about %. The collector threw a leaflet at her and told her to “F***ing read it” no mention of % and he was not wearing a charity collectors ID.

We know hiding or concealing their ID or giving a made up name is a common practice used by most of these collectors, why you may ask? Because it’s cash in hand, no Tax to pay and they do not need to claim it to the benefits agencies. 😉 one of the reasons we ask for good photos of their face as they are avid readers of the WMHCHQ and they allways try to hide!

2nd November 2016 now gone!

Once we posted up the complaint the Army of Angels admin in the form of Steve Valentine attempted to claim it was all porkie Pies and the centre management were there and saw nothing! However..

Turns out this was a total lie on Army Of Angels part!

Then we get this gem.

Mr Stephen Derek Valentine is a director of the charity ‘Army of Angels’.  The same Mr Stephen Derek Valentine who is a director of ‘Army of Angels (Trading) Ltd? The private company, which according to the accounts, received an interest free loan of £247,058 from the charity ‘Army of Angels’?
And what is the relationship between Mr Stephen Derek Valentine and Mr J. & Mrs C.Sklener who were paid £42,000 by the charity???

Steve Valentine was then asked. Can the charity explain the relationship between the charity and ‘the trading company’?

Are the directors of the charity also directors of ‘the trading company’? How can a charity that only used £30,000 for charitable uses, give an interest free loan of £247,058 to a private company?

But Silence. Thought they had nothing to hide?

Members then contacted Army Of Angels directly via their face book page


and once simple questions were asked… guess what?

Not so open and with nothing to hide!

Keep your open for their stands in such market places as Kidlington, Leighton Buzzard,chesham,Hertford,

Berkhampstead,Amersham. Try to get a good photo ID of the collectors and ask to see their ID. Be polite at all times!

More to follow as we dig deeper into their accounts and background 😉
Meet Mr Sean Lockett director of the previous tts promotions ltd, wounded heros ltd, tts promotions uk ltd and his current company vale promotions ltd . All dissolved ( apart from the latter ) just before tax was due and reopened in another name .

This is the guy with his fat grubby fingers in the promotion company Pies and like Kris Sutcliffe, uses a few fall guys to hide behind.

Their Accounts

Steve Valentine


invited us to examine the published accounts for both the Charity wing of Army of Angels and its subsidiary Trading Company.

So, we took a look at both, found some serious shortcomings and have some questions for him. Army of Angels and Army of Angels (Trading): Analysis of Financial Returns Firstly, it is not entirely unusual for a charity to set up a subsidiary company.

It may do this in order to derive further income, while also protecting the charity in the event that the subsidiary gets into financial trouble. If successful, the charity should see positive cash flows from the subsidiary, which the subsidiary ‘donates’ from pre-tax income.

The stated purpose of the Trading Co was that it would generate a profit and return funds to the Charity (As the sole shareholder of the Trading Co) towards the Charity’s running costs. Instead, the Trading Co has sucked cash (In the form of ‘loans’) from the Charity, with very little visibility on where the money has gone, except for possibly on Admin expenses, and with no reasonable ability to repay the loans in the near future. In the Charity’s first financial year (Ending Feb 2012), the Charity had £292,109 in cash and £12,625 owed to it by debtors; with just £2,692 owed by the charity to its creditors.

This put the Charity in a very comfortable starting position with net current assets of about £300k. In its second financial year (Ending Feb 2013), the Charity made a nice surplus, with a net income of £182,404.

In the same year, it made a loan of £84,501 to the Trading Co and a second loan of £22,200 to an unnamed entity or individual. This we see translated to an increase in cash held to £350,288 and an increase in debt owed to the Charity to £119,326. These are totaled together to give the Charity net current assets of about £470k. In 2013 the Trading Co also made a profit and returned about £66k to the Charity. On the other hand, without a cash flow statement, I can’t prove that it didn’t just record the original loan as income and then return some of it back to the charity as a donation. Then it all started going wrong in the financial year ending Feb 2014. Both the Charity and the Trading Co made losses in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Each year the Charity would continue to make more loans to the Trading Co, digging into the Charity’s cash reserve; while showing the loan as a current asset on its balance sheet.

By Feb 2016 the Charity had burned through more than half of its cash reserves, converting it into loans to the Trading Co. According to the charity’s financial returns, the loan is “an interest free loan, repayable on demand”. There’s just one problem: The Trading Co no longer has the cash and is not in a financial position where it could pay back the loan.

The Charity lists its existing £247,058 debt owed by the Trading Co as a current asset. It can do this if it has a reasonable expectation that the debt could be paid within one year. However, as is very clear from the Trading Company’s accounts, that there is no way that the debt could be repaid because the Trading Company only has current assets worth £47,302. Of that £47,302: most is stock that would probably have to be sold at a discount, the next largest segment is debt owed to the Trading Co by others, which may not even be recoverable, and a few thousand pounds is held in cash.

Nearly a quarter of a million pounds of the Charity’s money (Which presumably has come from donations at some point) has disappeared into a subsidiary that does not need to file full and clear accounts.

Finally, we took a look at the compensation of C Sklener (Civil Partner of the Founder, Steve Valentine) and her son J Sklener. Both Skleners are employed by the Trading Co; however, half their salaries are charged to the Charity for time spent on the Charity’s administration and fundraising duties. Amount Charged to Charity (And representing ½ their salaries).

Steve Valentines partner Catherine sklenar also part of army of angels charity on a very handsome wage and her son jack sklenar ( charity coordinator ) also on a equally handsome wage all from there generosity of the public thinking there money goes to helping our wounded solders


Mrs C Sklener

2014 £13,705

2015  £13,837

2016 £21,291

 Mr J Sklener

2014 £10,531

2015 £13,137

2015 £21,034

If, as stated in the accounts from the Trading Co, these represent 50% of each of their salaries in each year, then it can be surmised that in 2016 Mrs C Sklener received a 54% pay increase, and her son received a 60% pay increase.

It is not clear what additional duties (If any) were taken on to justify such a steep salary increase. Steve Valentine, as the Founder, Director and Trustee of both the Charity and its Trading Company needs to answer a few very simple questions:

  1. Does he, or any other director/trustee draw a salary or any other form of compensation from the Trading Co?
  2. Has the Charity or Trading Co ever made a personal loan to him, any other trustee/director or to anybody with a personal relationship to a Trustee/director?
  3. What reasonable expectation does he have that the £247,058 owed by to the Charity by the Trading Co will be repaid? Particularly given that the debt far exceeds one year of the Trading Co’s revenue, and that the Trading Co continues to operate at a considerable loss requiring further loans from the Charity to stay afloat.
  4. What explains the giant pay increases of Valentine’s partner and her son, and how did he recuse himself from salary setting, in order to avoid any conflict of interest?

More to follow