Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tony Baigrie


ex 2 Para, ex 2 REP and ex SAS.

This creature first came up on the radar in 2014, however it took him 2 years to work out which battalion he served in.

Then he could not help himself with his verbal excretion of pure waltness that would have Tony Cumper reaching for his vomit bag. During one heated exchange on facebook Tony claimed He had 15 medals and the MM for something he did in NI in 79 asks his “mate” if he could “Stand in the line with his gun and kill someone like us grunts had to do


Tony allegedly served from 1972 – 1995 completing tours in N.I, Falklands, Gulf, Kosovo…in his own words (some of the worst shitholes) lol…lol meaning lots of lies…


Having asked for some ally pics to go with his daring deads of heroism, he produces some pearls.



Normal SOP walt drills are to google search or buy replica eBay prints, but not old Tony


Baigrie, he prefers the old tried and tested method of folding a book in two and taking a picture direct from the book Bravo Two Zero, which may I add still contains the SPINE…unlike his! He added “The only way we could get to keep any photos was to block r faces in case they fell into the rong hands”.


We all know that no Ops kit list is not complete unless you have your black rectangular face mask with you. Continue on and the pictures become even more comical, having completed his HALO course in 84 he then produced a picture of him doing said jump.

We were expecting the typical PF HALO pictures and he did not disappoint….


Apart from having spelling that would make Carol Vorderman go into cardiac arrest, the pure drivel of walting this lunatic spouts is beyond recognition.



Never served in any of the above units,

No para record card and never served with 22 SAS.

No MM on record.

No Records held at Aubagne 2 REP HQ


Verdict, complete walting cun……………..mper