Meet Azi Ahmed. We have known of this individual for a while now after she first popped up on the national press seeking  publicity for her book and future career as a public motivational speaker. 

Her claim to fame? She along with several other women were hand picked to attempt SAS selection. 

A first according to Azi and she just happened to be in a room in her PT kit when she over heard the special secret plan by an SAS high ranking officer and thought ” I will have some of that” 

According to Azi this was a secret experiment by the top brass to see how  the rigours of UKSF selection effected women and the Top Brass never expected any of these female runners to pass. 

However, Azi was proving them wrong and the Top Brass could not have that, so made an excuse and pulled her and another off the course a  few days before qualifying. The other girl also attempted to tell all in a book. Surprise,surprise! 
Here is Azi telling her story on Loose Women.

And here

Here she makes it very clear 

A week before I was due to receive my ‘sandy beret’ – the trademark of the SAS uniform – the experiment to allow women in the SAS was canned. The Army simply wasn’t ready for women

“I was one of the first women to learn how to fight behind enemy lines. I trained with the SAS between 1999 and 2002, at a time when the idea of women on the frontline was total fantasy.”

“Two of us survived the rigours of “Female Selection” but sadly, a week before I was due to receive my “sandy beret” – the trademark of the SAS uniform”

“I was angry. I’d put myself through the toughest mental, emotional and physical challenges known to man”

Facts about The fibbing clerk!

She was admin staff for the TA SAS. At no point was she ever on the Runners nominal role for test week or any other section of the official course.

No hills phase.

No jungle Phase

No E&E Phase.

No RTI/TQ phase. 

Not any phase.

Here is the Gen from members of the unit at the time 

Reference Azi Ahmed. Yes she was attached. Was part of an experiment by then CO Holly.  (no time limit, lighter weight, no Test Week, no live fire, etc etc the list goes on). 

This girl, plus one other, have used the experience to be self serving and economical with the truth. I was a DS at the time.”

She claims she did the same as the blokes that’s an outright lie. That’s utterly disrespectful to the blokes who pass 21/23 selection – which is outrageously hard for blokes holding down a job and attempting one of the hardest courses in the UK military. It was about 13 years ago, but I do remember her dating one of the DS at the time, which conflicts with her other claims about her home life.

Then Confirmed from one of the Senior instructors

Ahmed and Kelsey were two of the more hopeless females there. Their performance was very poor with the DS having to “drag” them round the hills to make sure they finished.

They did some blank contact drills. No test week Or Battlecamp.

 Apart from Kelsey and Ahmed there were three others that I remember. I have their last names but no reason to disclose since they’ve not been making any claims for fame. All this happened at A Sqn once we’d moved to Regents Park Barracks.
And another 


Ahmed and the other girl Rachel Kelsey who was in the paper about 2003/4 claiming the exact same thing were put on our selection course for 21 in 1999 as a pet project of the colonel at the time. They were fully aware of this and knew it was nothing to do with women joining the ranks or earning the blade..

They never did the same tabs as us and as we were carrying 50lb they were carrying 15 max , they had there own ds for their safety and did shorter walks even though they would say different to the media, they were in clip all the time , no one wanted them there but we were told they had to be due to being admin staff. They were an admin nightmare.

They disappeared 2 weeks before we all went on test week and we thought thank fuck for that but appeared again when we started continuation. 

That’s when the fun began 

You have never seen such mongs in all your life , Ahmed with pink socks tucked into her combats dragging her Bergen around crying , they gave her a long back Bergen which came down to the back of her knees but they were both in shit state and again no one wanted them , they weren’t allowed to live fire because their wpn skills were shit.

In her story she said she fell in a river face down and nearly drowned, well that was a drainage ditch on a training area when we were doing a night ex and she stepped off the edge and fell face down we had to lift her out by her Bergen but spent 30 mins looking for her SA80 as she dropped it and let go 

Loads of other things went on but long and short they never did test week ! And never did battle camp and knew they were never going to get badged !! They were there as some fucking pet project and they knew it.
So in a nut shell 

She was never the first person to attempt UKSF Selection as she was never on it in an official and professional capacity in the first place. 

She is obviously an intelligent women and knew back then when she accepted the offer of the “pet Project” 

So why has embellished the truth and deceived the public when encouraging the public to buy her false account. 

Point to note. Anyone who asked her to clarify points over the claims she has made on her twitter or Facebook account are simply blocked with comments / questions deleted……….something to hide dear😉

Hi there,
Thought you might like this link on arrse which seems to reference Azi Ahmed, there were some comments on her Facebook page calling her out but she’s deleted them now and she’s blocked me from commenting 

Here she is again introducing the defence secretary. Kindly supplied by FYB

What a bloater

Keep your eyes on the press 😉
TWMHC …….out 

Update 20/03/2017

Since first fully exposing Azi she went to ground like every other Walter Mitty or bloater we have exposed. Pulling Facebook and twitter accounts and changing bio’s on web pages in the all to custom “walt backpedal ” 

Most walts then eventually resurface and go on to claim they were hacked by an ex wife or jealous business rival and their are several examples of this on these pages. 

Most will also play the victim card!

Azi however has come up with a Hum Dinger of a back pedal and one that could only be dreamed up with the help of her PR spin doctor representative who used to work for the Telegraph as a jerno 😄

The Kremlin did in cahoots with ex soldiers. Times in order to embarrass her and the defence secretary during a Conservative party conference back in Oct 2016.  Oh and her web page was hacked of course by the FSB. 

One small problem. We had Azi on our radar further back in July 2016. 

Also when you try to backtrack on your lies it helps if you can remember what you said or wrote about yourself in the past as highlighted today in the Mail

Yesterday Miss Ahmed, who served with the Territorial Army from 1999 until 2002, said: ‘I’ve never claimed to have carried the same weight as the men, I’ve never written anything about live firing … I never did it.’

But a passage in her book tells of overhearing other recruits describing her as ‘a tick in the box’. It went on: ‘How dare they? I was going through the same s*** as them.

‘Carrying the same weight; I was half the size they were … and not once had I moaned

She also pruned her web page which the self styled internet entrepreneur claims was hacked. See if you can tell the old version to the new.  

We think there is more to come!!