Welcome to Lee Marsh of Manchester who loves the Reg so much he plastered his Facebook wall with parachute Regiment pictures to prove it. 

We were first alerted to Marsh a few months ago after he made several attempts at befriending genuine ex parachute regiment members 

This raised more than a few suspicions between the para Reg community as his profile had no para friends with only pictures of cap badges. A crap para Reg tat.

Even one picture of him wearing the Maroon machine and two medals one being the Serra leone OSM with roset and the other GSM NI. 

Here are his Claims 

A S.G.T. as well as being SFSG and a sniper.  

We noticed most of his Reg pictures had a background so at first we thought he could have been 2 Para first so our first port of call were guys of that time frame. No one knew him. So we checked via our 1 Para contacts and again not known. 

We checked the para data base and could not find him within the dates he claimed to have served. Nada!

The 1Para SL orbat and net another blank drawn. 

Not even the Para Reg sniper community knew of him.

He then became suspicious as some of those he tried to befriend asked him a few questions that he could not answer.

 Marsh then took his most incriminating picture down..this one

But left the rest up

Lee marsh must be the most secretive man in the Parachute Regiment as no one knows him. Either that or he is a first class Walt

He is aware of the come on down but has choose to ignore it at his peril 


Since being exposed 

Lee Marsh decided to trim his about page.