Some of you may remember him for his fake PTSD shouts and attempting to check in at combat stress last month. ( FYI – Chris failed TA training in 1993) 

Notice the unauthorised wearing of the military uniform and the fake tattoo, yes fake tattoo that he had drawn on. 
Also Notice the money collection tins for the 6 years running of this non registered charity that is ran by volunteers.

A club member received information from 3 former volunteer trustees about his lack of accountability for all the funds he had raised in 6 years. (The Police reports have been given, well done to those people). 
In addition to those reports a dozen military wife’s and charity workers who have been Sexually harassed by this parasite and they have even gone ahead and set up a facebook page encouraging more victims to come forward. 

Not the sort you would expect from a CEO of a charity – but not surprised at all.

A total Scum bag who will probably find him self in jail soon. (Hopefully)

You Mr Chris Webster are a disgrace to everyone that’s ever earned the right to wear the military uniform and you are disgrace to every legitimate charity worker. 

Again well done to the victims for reporting him and helping the REAL VETERANS EXPOSE THE CONMEN! 
This post will be regularly updated – 
In the mean time I will continue work with the charity commission and the fund raising regulator by providing both agency’s with as much free information as possible about these charity fraudsters ! 

He claims to suffer PTSD and sees dead soldiers and the sound of fire works take him back to exercise!! What in the whole 32 weeks he volunteered for in 1993 with the TA!! 

If you have a complaint about Chris Webster or anyone else you can also work with the charity commission by sending them free confidential information via the link below. 
Thank you !
Military Scammers your days are numbered !