Shoeboxes for Heroes
Founded by Chris and Sherian Webster in 2011,

Shoeboxes for our Heroes (Hereafter referred to as Shoeboxes, for the sake of brevity) claims to have sent nearly 20,000 morale boosting boxes to deployed service personnel. Indeed, on the face of it, this seems like a worthy cause, reminiscent of Princess Mary’s Christmas boxes from WWI.

Registering a Charity with Companies House and HMRC

Chris Webster registered Shoeboxes as a limited liability company in Oct 2015, with himself named as the only director.

Registering the organization with Companies House is an important first step. It made Shoeboxes a living, legal entity subject to the two inevitable things in life: Death and taxes.


Webster’s next step should have been to inform HMRC that Shoeboxes was being run for charitable purposes. This would have enabled him to get tax back on things like Gift Aid donations, effectively boosting them by 25%, and reduced business rates. For a small charity, these tax advantages can be a lifeline.

I asked Webster for Shoeboxes’ Gift Aid certificate and he stated that they do not have one because they have not registered as a charity with HMRC, as they did not make £5,000 in income.

At best, Webster is confused or badly informed. You do not need to make £5,000 in order to register as a charity with HMRC. That threshold applies to the point at which you must legally register your charity with the Charity Commission.

If you make less than £5,000 you should still inform HMRC that you are a charitable organization. You can even legally seek donations, but you must make it clear to the public that you are not registered with the Charity Commission, which Shoeboxes does in several places on its website and Facebook page.


In Oct 2016, Webster applied to have Shoeboxes struck off the list with Companies House, and its application was duly enacted in Feb 2017.

Incidentally, this was done before he would need to file any accounts. This means that Shoeboxes no longer exists and may no longer trade. Legally, it is as dead as Monty Python’s parrot.

As part of winding up operations, Shoeboxes was required to have announced closure plans to interested parties, and HM Revenue and Customs. It should have also dealt with business assets and accounts, including any remaining donations. Under Charity rules, a closing charity would normally have to donate remaining funds and assets to a similar cause. So, it would be reasonable to ask the Websters, what have they done with the remaining assets, including any donations?

Instead of winding up operations, Chris Webster is continuing to run the organization by seeking donations, and operating under the Shoeboxes for our Heroes name. It would appear that he has now personally taken control of the assets, income and operations of a legally dead company. This could well be fraudulent, and there is little doubt that HMRC and Companies House may take an interest.

After having registered Shoeboxes for Heroes Ltd in Oct 2015, why did he apply to dissolve it just one year later? Surely not because he would have been legally required to file annual accounts.

Why is he continuing to run a legally dissolved entity, as if nothing has happened?

Registering a charity with the Charity Commission

As previously stated, you are not required to register a charity with the commission until you hit the £5,000 mark. Because Webster closed the organization before he needed to send Companies House its accounts, we do not have visibility on Shoeboxes’ income. However, given that Webster has claimed to have dispatched over 3,000 boxes already this year, one might easily conclude that its outgoings have exceeded £5k, if we simply assume a box contained just £1.70’s worth of goodies.

Of course, outgoings do not necessarily equal income, so we cannot say that Shoeboxes earned more than £5k, but presumably the money came from somewhere.

Since at least July 2015, Chris has been trying to raise funds, ostensibly so that they could become a registered charity. He created a fundraising page on in July 2015.

The page states “We have set up this page as we would like to be able to become a registered charity and to do more for our armed forces and their families”. To date, they have collected half their fundraising goal of £3,000 (To go with the £2,000 they claim to have already raised).

So how much does it cost to become a registered charity? Must be expensive if you have to raise thousands of pounds, right? Not so much – it costs nothing to apply to the Charity Commission to have a company, which is already registered with Companies House, officially registered as a charity. It also takes less than an hour to fill out the application, assuming that you have all your ducks in a row, and the commission aims to give an answer within 4 months.

So what exactly is Webster raising funds for? And, why has he struck Shoeboxes for our Heroes Ltd from the Companies House register?

Here’s a recap on how to correctly set up a charity: Step one is register a company with Companies House. Step 2 is inform HMRC that you are a charitable organization. Step 3 is apply to have it recognized by the Charity Commission as soon as your income hits £5,000. There is no middle step that says, ‘Now strike your registration with Companies House’. That would be going backwards and actually does cost money!

Without seeing the true accounts, I cannot and will not make any assumptions or accusations that donations have been misappropriated.

However, I am willing to state that it is a badly run charity which is actively taking measures to avoid oversight and public scrutiny.
If Chris Webster wishes to change my assessment then he should start by doing the following:

  •  Explain why he has struck of Shoeboxes for our Heroes Ltd, from the company register, while still operating it as a going concern.
  •  Publish his annual report, income statement and balance sheet.
  •  Publish the names and contact details of the trustees of the charity.

I’m sure he would agree with me on the need for greater transparency, as he expressed similar concerns about Help4Heroes:

Finally, I’d like to nominate Chris Webster for hypocrite of the year, for this little gem:

Chris Webster Jun 2014 Shoeboxes for our Heroes Jan 2017

I have forwarded my findings to Companies House and the Charity Commission for further investigation.
I will also be watching closely to see if Webster pops back up with a newly registered entity, enabling him to stall the filing of any accounts for yet another year; while giving the public perception of business as usual.

The author is a veteran, an MBA graduate and a long-standing trustee of a charity with an annual turnover of £5million.
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Webster now claims he has stood down …..we will see!

However despite claiming he was stepping down, he has now changed the pay pal to and is asking for donations.

your not a charity Christopher nor are you a registered company, so why are you still acting illegally!

Up date 13 June 2017

Obviously Chris and shrinan Webster are keen to keep their little “fund” going, despite claiming they are not a charity or a non for profit busines. However, more evidence has come to light  that chris Webster is not only deceiving the general public by collecting money dressed in uniform to which he has no right or permition to wear, but also still collecting money via several collection tins and buckets around the Darby area. Including the post office at Cherry tree hill. fast food vans  and several other shops who have been taken in by the Websters deception.

What you can do. If you see or here of any event we’re the Websters are attempting to set up a stand report him to the event organisers. Providing this link.

Report him to the Royal Mail complaints department. Making reference to the illegal nature of an unregistered and unaccountable individual placing collection buckets at charity tree hill post office in Darby and Webster has potentially placed others illegal collection pots at other PO in the Darby area.

Provide this link as your reference.

If you witness Webster collecting at events. Take photos. Then call the police. Webster is acting illegally and obtaining money by false representation and has no licence to collect money.

Report his paypal account for charity fraud

Report the Websters to charity commission

Report the Websters to the charity fraud line

Again use this page and the screen shot evidence as your reference.

Webster then attempts to prove his accounts are in order

Yet when asked about the last five years the Websters come out with this excuse

First Gazette notice for voluntary strike-off yet still collects money and goods under that company name

So now the Websters are trying to blame his followers and only now want give credit to others. However the Websters set up shoeboxes for heros as a business under the name Chris Webster so is solely responsible for the accounts of incoming donations.

Again the Websters block and refused to fully answer questions

Yet here we have evidence of the Websters threatening people who tried to genuinely help without agendas. The Websters simply wanted control
“It had been organised by Chaddesden-based Rolls-Royce worker Chris Webster, whose charity Shoeboxes for Heroes sends parcels to Armed Forces personnel, who are serving their country.

The money raised from the match will be split 50/50 between his charity and the Colin Bloomfield Melanoma Appeal.

Chris said: “This was the second match I have organised for the charity and the first in Derby.”

long eaton carnival Nottingham

Little fibber


from an angry relatives of one of the soldiers KIA.

I have spoke to someone who was very high up in h4h charity organisation and he has said that Webster needs reporting to Yorkshire regiment benevolent fund due to him using the Yorkshire regiment lads for some of his campaigns without permission from the families (including my cousin) and what he has been doing scamming and being associated and using these lads is a defication of their names and the Yorkshire regiment and is disrespectful to the families as he hasn’t asked permission. Also he has been collected foe the abf charity had collection tins on his shoe box stalls which no charity would ever allow and if they did the whole of the money would have to be sent to the charity and they would then have to in turn donate to the shoe box cause so they had a full paper trail of all money collected so they can not be accused of any fraud I will attach photos of evidence