Spotted and challenged in Northwich town centre Cheshire, wearing the RBL poppys and insignia hiding ID and becoming agressive “help the Soldiers” they were shouting, making vulnerable people believe they are a Charity, but for some strange would avoid males who could look after themselves. 

Again this time at Reading outside the Oracle being aggressive and hiding IDs claiming it all goes to charity.

Infact they are a LTD company nearly all money going in their pockets with no evidence of any money going to charity.

They got aggressive when challenged reported to Centre management and Police and are now under investigation!
1. No money goes to help any service personnel £3 for bracelet £1 to collector £2 into bosses bank account.

2. Wearing RBL Insignia 

3. Accuses anyone who questions them of being rude and threatening in order to get them removed.

4. Pretty much legged it when the police were called

5. No valid pedlars licence between them!

6. Staight up scumbags

One of there sellers identified as 

Paul Horn from you guessed it Blackpool. Oh what a surprise and we are sure if we join the dots with his friends list we will see some other known Blackpool scammers 

If you see them get us good mug shots and their names. 

If they become aggressive or refuse to show their collecting ID called the police. Be aware they use fake names on ID’s as most collect benefits in their home town so are not keen on being exposed!

Meet  Dwayne Lee  who likes to call himself (He’ll boy)

who is or was also linked to several scam forces charities / promotion companies that we have exposed in the past. After further investigation it turned out Dwayne was in fact 

Wayne Kirtley. At first when questioned he attempted to suggest he got the job from an advertisement in his local Job centre. After we gave him enough rope, we dropped the bomb on him that we know who he really was. The same boy who owns the business and the very same who beat his pregnant ex with a toy guitar. 


Dwayne or Wayne then sent these through trying to make some sort of point, As thick as mince as all he’s actually done is prove that they’re up to no good as they show that they don’t even promise a set percentage or name any specific charity

After a few hours of trying to defend themselves the WMHCHQ asked them both where they would be selling their bands so we could take up their kind offer of a chat. Both Paul and Wayne had a change of hart or their balls shrank as previously they were giving it large how they would meet anyone anywhere. 

Wayne Kirtley then claimed he was sitting down his company. 

We shall see and we will be watching 
Stay tuned more to come