Welcome to part two of the Chris Webster saga.

In this instalment the WMHCHQ will demonstrate the modus operandi of Chris and Sherian Webster and how they deal with people who:-
Ask basic questions about the administration of charity funds, pay pal accounts and unotherised just giving pages in the name of other charity organisations without their consent.

When questions about his real service in the armed forces  asked after holes appear in several stories he had told people.

Unwanted sexual advances by chris Webster towards war widows and deployed soldiers wives.

Abusing his position to make unwanted advances and sending explicit pictures of himself.


For all the right reasons images of a sexual nature have been covered. The video he sent abusing himself to the unsespecting women is now with the right people!

The lady he sexually harassed was distressed and shocked at how Webster turned a normal conversation into something vulgar. Rather than stop, Webster continued to Harass her.

It’s alleged this is from a 17 yr old female army cadet Webster had befriended  screen shots to follow

How blackmail and mud slinging is used by the Websters to counteract and avoid criticism.

Resorting to using several fake profiles to back up their actions


This page will open the eyes of what’s left of his and her dwindling support who have been taken in by their lies and manipulation.

Chris and sherian Webster have directly provided the WMHCHQ with evidence when attempting to blackmail the admin and has demonstrated their modus operandi which several witnesses claimed they were subjected to after falling foul of the Websters.
Racism and affiliation with the EDL, the list of evidence goes on!
Stand by for a ride of your lives in the next few days as the visual evidence is prepared.

If yjou needed more evidence of Webster web of deceit he goes and hands it on a plate by setting up his very own troll page so he can further harass his accusers


Although not very smart as Webster used the same picture he has on his own personal page.

How basic can you get?

Soon Websters page was taken down as more people started to see his and her true colours.

Then more people who have had dealings with Webster approached us

My Name is

Eben Tatam 

In 2011 I others started up Tab 4 The Fallen 11 in tribute to a friend Cpl Russel Aston KIA Iraq 2003.

Last night I was informed of a statement by a Mr Christoper Webster 

As I was not on the 2012 event due to being in The Falkland Islands. Adele Aston Fessey, Marc Goring

And others who I haven’t been able to get permission to use theirs names.

Well 2012 we decided we would find a small Military charity to raise cash and awareness for. 

It was decided that Talking to minds would be The said charity. Due to us still being novices we opted to promote their giving page and the cash was collected on the day counted and a cheque was sent by Marc Goring. Mr Webster made a comment about the said Tab as i say I wasn’t there that year. Last night I went on line and googled our Tab and low and behold there was a virgin just giving page that had been set up by you guessed it Mr Webster in 2012 in the Tabs name which none of the Tab family members new about as I asked them all last night. But Mr Webster had decided to choose three very good charities may I say Pilgrims Bandits Troop Aid and the Royal Marines Trust. But completely missed out our said charity Talking 2Minds. To add insult to injury I also found a media coverage done by the Derby Evening Telegraph of mr Webster promoting the Tab for his own publicity not even mentioning any of the charities let alone the charity we had chosen so yes Mr Webster did do the Tab but at no point has Mr Webster ever organised one. Mr Webster hijacked our event to use for his own public gain and blatantly failed to mention anything but his shoeboxes.

As the truth shines through Websters supporters begin to fade

Now hassling everyone via PM to report the page.

Poor deluded people! Chris and Sherian are re posting the same stuff hoping to throw smoke, but the saying goes. No Smoke without Fire…Food for thought! 🙂






Yet again trying to gate crash another Charity which has told him to keep away



In this next section we have further evidence of Chris Webster blatantly misleading what supporters he has left. In these screen shots Webster claims the conversations were between two consenting adults, That they were over two years ago and attempts to suggest he was deliberately set up by these two women. However, two screen shots we are posting below were taken in 2016.

These were screen shots of conversations between Webster and three other women who were not consenting to his behavior, Otherwise why is he apologising  for it! You note a common thread here where Webster makes his advances and when they are not reciprocated he either turns on the victim or plays the innocent and claims its the first time hes done it which then creates and gains sympathy from his victims. There are more, some we have not posted up at the request of the victims others claim they deleted him after his advances.



As most walts and charity scammers  do once they know the game is up 

Then just as a bloated turd won’t flush the Websters start harassing folk and making laughable threats via this profile chris Archer.

However if your going to fake a profile try not looking up something so easy to trace 😉

More lies

Richard wanted to distance himself from Webster due to the allegations. 


Now pestering his loyal followers to vote for a charity which is not a charity or even a ltd company 


Further evidence of the Websters attempting to obtain money. Webster has been found to have opened several “go-fund me ” pages using the backdrop of soldiers KIA as the reason. In most cases the families of the soldiers were unaware of Webster.

Webster would leave these pages running, while every now and again posting a link to the page. 

The page below had been running since 2015. One the day the WMHCHQ highlighted this facts, the Websters closed it down.

Another method of gaining unaccounted funds has been by a pay pall account which the Websters set up and control. 

Here is a flyer the Websters are clearly asking for donations when they re neither a charity or a business. Despite the Websters claiming they were trying to gain charity status for over five years, they never have! To date no accounts have ever been forthcoming and anyone who asked would find themselves subject to abuse and mud slinging at the hands of the Websters and their many sock puppet accounts.

More events are starting to wake up to Webster as are banning him from setting up his fake charity. He’s going to have to start paying for his own food soon rather then use his bogus charity to supliment his income!

We must be getting to him as Webster and his sidekick are now claiming one of our admin is a serving RAF sex pest .you really are showing your true colours  😂

Yes again this is a small section of Webster making vailed threats to wives who comment  while their husbands are away, yet crys foul and hides behind a solicitor who coincidentally has her maiden name listed as Webster!

Meet Lisa Welch one of the main players of shoeboxes smoke and mirrors