Well what a pickle Lee got himself into. 

Meet Lee Vaschez who up until posting on Fill your Boots last night was walting away under the radar withnot a care in the world. 

However Lee must have been on 40% proof Pickled eggs as he made some rather unusual comments which caught the eye of our ninja members who then spotted his Para Reg tat. 

Soon the wheeles of Walt justice rode out in to the sunset on his trusty 70’s chopper bike called Wankpuffin in order to investigate this fine specimen. And it did not take long. 

Within an hour we had it confirmed he had never attended P Company or a military Parachute course at RAF Brize Norton. In fact he had never attended Depot. 

Lee claims to be a prison officer at MCTC, and the new uniform is very eye catching 

If you work for serco that is😀 was lee about to get more egg on his face?

We then gather more int on the one photo he had in uniform he claimed was him. 

Looks like him Only that we found it on line and the dates of the DPM patten and SLR with PVS2 nightsight did not Mach up from when his old school chums had left school with him. They say he was a few eggs short of a dozen. 

Now you are all wondering why all the egg references in the latest outing. 

Well here you go.


Now just maybe Lee had had a few to many pickled eggs one night and got his para Reg tat only to wake up in the morning. But we tend to think he’s just a wankspangle of a Walt who has been found wanting.


What a Cumper 

Lee was asked to comment but subsequent took his page down. 

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