This latest instalment of the WMHCHQ blog will highlight the desperate attempts by those who want us shut down in order to hide their walting and Bloating ways.

When they have managed to get the main page shut down they can’t help to try and Bragg which always backfires once we point out a simple fact.

He who laughs last, laughs the loudest

Now it’s inevitable our pages will be unpublished by the Facebook police every now and again. After all we simply expose the truth behind these people lies, who wish to carry on, conning people, so we have made quite a few enemies over the years.

Every walt or bogus forces charity we have exposed always cry bully and harassment as soon as their lies begin to unravel. They are happy to Harass others when attempting to conceal the truth, but just hate it being done back.

Most of the Blackpool forces charity scammers have decided to move away from the forces and use other causes, which is partly due to our page and its members.

Walter Mittys and Bloaters have started to become more sly in their social media bragging, again due to the clubs combined success rate in our investigation methods and the far reaching contacts within the membership.

To date our main page has been unpublished by Facebook some six times since we began.
Our annual Walter Mitty of the year is normally when our page is at its most vulnerable as all the walts not wanting to win, mass report the page.

The last time our page was taken down was by the Blackpool forces charity ring who were desperate to stop us as we were hampering their operations and income.

They managed to get the page pulled by claiming threats had been made to individuals. The truth being they had created several fake profiles who then posted threats deliberately with the aim of reporting them to Facebook.
As already pointed out we are the victims of our own success, but it’s a very small price to pay when the truth is out there in order to educate the wider public that they people pray on for a living.

Our latest charity scammer Chris Webster is no different

and evidence has come to light he with his many fake profiles along with several others who are benefiting from the scam did the very same.

This is due to one reason the truth about his lost five years of collecting money and his true persona came through on this clip

Since the clip went live and in conjunction with our reports on both the Webster charity operation and sexual deviant ways more events and forces related organisations have turned the Websters away and for very good reason. Which then resulted in the same practice being employed as the Blackpool scam ring.

However, it’s a shallow victory and short lived as the Blackpool lot found out as when they inevitably post under one of their fake profiles to brag. Our reply however leaves them feeling somewhat flat when realising the damage has already been done and the WMHCHQ are still in business.


As these latest screen shots posted to our back up page today clearly demonstrates.

Webster with the obvious question and one day old profile soon ran with his tail between his legs once this fact was pointed out.


what he had to say about forces wives



Not very respectful to our forces wives!


Better luck next time

Hit the link, it’s well worth a google

Webster then attempted to play the press and claim he was a victim of a witch hunt by scored women and that he feared for his safety. He claimed he was threatened at his stand, however the film clip clearly shows no such threats, just questions over his charity dealings. Webster was also keen not to mention the WMHCHQ as he knew folk would search for us and get the other side of the story . This attempt miserably failed as soon after it went on line the Derby Telegraph took it down. Why? we don’t know, but could have something to do with Webster lying to the hack who only took his word.


For those who did not manage to read it, here it is!







Now with all that said and done and ignoring all the blatant lies he told the reporter and considering how he claims his family feel vulnerable and upset. Webster began to antagonise the situation further on the fall back WMHCHQ by attempting to bait “real vets” as these screen shots clearly demonstrate




dsfdgt - Copy

We allowed Webster to post his taunts solely to demonstrate what a gift he really is. playing the victim, but with all the people we have exposed they all one common trait  Narcissistic Personality Disorder” They just cant help themselves to brag a victory. But as we pointed out.

One of his own dwindling supporters points this out quite well!


There never was one…..for Webster!