Say Hi to Adam Waters supposedly an ex Royal Marine who served in Iraq and Afghan who owns a gym in Reading called shredquarters

                         His Bio

The gym has a strong following although it’s fairly new and has backing from the local station Jack Fm.

The Gym and its owners  was a finalist at Venus Awards for new business of the year too. However, Some of the Gym members are not convinced all is as it seems. 

A member of the WMHCHQ  attend a few sessions at his gym The ShredQuarters and started to smell more than just gym BO.

Other members of the gym have grown increasingly suspicious of Adams military background and some of his training techniques that he suggests he picked up whilst a Royal Marine Commando, on “special Duties” and on operations when training in an FOB.

He’s spoken of shooting people in the face when he was the first on the ground in Iraq and about his first mission securing the oil rigs in Iraq and that it required him to perform hand to hand combat. 

On looking at Adams bio it’s clear he is using his time in Royal Marines in order to enhance his profile and convince members in parting with their hard earned money to a conman! 

Surely Jack FM and this awards company would have done their due diligence before backing Adam and this gym, you would have thought so!

Facts Adam Kenneth Waters DOB 20 Dec 1980 was discharged during District court martial under the Army Act 1955 s38 on the 14 July 1999 for going AWOL. 

So that rules out serving in  Iraq and Afghan!😉 

He has another charge in Jan 2011 for class A drug offences. Delt with by a civilian court and we know he never rejoined the colours!

He told one member he left the RM in 2008 and another that he left in 2006. How can he get his date of leaving so wrong and why would RM keep hold of someone charged with the above offences ?

Adam has told his members he is introducing a ‘Special Forces’ class – another fraudulent claim of bespoke Bootneck  training to earn more money from unsuspecting and admiring members of the public.

Adam  boasts to the lady’s about fighting in wars with such arrogance but then gets almost shy and sketchy when probed for details by ex serving. Strange that. 


Never passed basic Training, having been kicked out of the forces for being AWOL. There are no records of Adam Waters being awarded his green lid 

He never served in Iraq or Afghan or any military operations. 


What a fibbing Cumper