Meet super soldier Eddie Odwell aka Eddie Edwards or Odwell Ed and what an oddball he is!

Spotted after he made a few comments on FYB which raised a few eyebrows after viewing a particular picture which he used as his billy big timing on Ops picture.

Then the comments and much respect for being second on the right from the ladies ……oh.. hang on, what’s this.

Eddie was in the Belgian Armed Forces or was he?

A quick google image search soon found the real source of his shit dits photo brag.

Good old google image. Many a downfall of bloaters and walts on these hallowed pages.

Soon the ripping of poo was in full swing and in perfact bloater style Eddie baby sent the WMHCHQ the normal

Soon rock steady Eddie begins to wobble…..a little bit

Oh dear let’s begin shall we.

Soon people who knew Eddie Odwell knew him too well and his bloating  past began to catch up with him.

Wounder if Odwell was part of the same bullying Firm.

From someone who knew him

I can verify the above story, as I’m also unfortunately related to this utter wanker, he is scum of the earth, When he says he served in Bosnia and Northern Ireland he was actually doing time at her majesty’ pleasure, ( Norwich) as for the live ammo he was actually lodging with me at that time and I wasthe person who found it, along with cap badges, stripes and all manner of army equipment, he also stole from me, money, food and attempted to remove furniture when he thought I was away, His name is not Eddie Edwards, ( he’s a wrestler in America with TNA) His birth name is EDWARD ODWELL., he’s a liar, a conman, a fantasist and should NOT be trusted and is not fit to shine the shoes of any of our military heroes, About time he got what is coming to him, it’s well overdue, Karma is a bastard and so is he!!
Then bragging to his local paper about his regular service and serving in NI and Bosnia.

Only problem with his tattoo and claims..No records of him passing P coy or a Basic military Para course at Brize. No NI or Bosnia tour recorded

No Records of a WO1 by that name.
In fact not known by 7 RHA or 3 Para…….how strange.

Apparently he is a Bodyguard yet not registered on the SiA data base, but that may be something about having a criminal record. Was he trained by James Shortt of the IBA😉

He was known for a short time in 1992 at 202 Bty RA mostly for being a tea leaf, shit at his job and not lasting long.

Soon as the merry mocking and general shits and giggles went into turbo mode on FYB and the WMHCHQ the wheels came off Odwells world and profiles and posts began to get well and truly pruned

If only Eddie had taken up our kind offer of confession. Oh well. To google you go Eddie Odwell😉


What a wankpuffin Bloating sack of cockwomble.

What a CUMPER!

Update 25/11/2017

Still at it