Say hi  to Fergus “FERGY” Ainsbury He is originally from Kilwinning near Glasgow. 

What we know
He has driven Tipper trucks and LGVs in the County of West Yorkshire for several years, being employed by several haulage firms in the County. 

Some years ago he began to frequent a pub in the town of Mirfield, West Yorks called the Old Colonial. The Landlord is very supportive towards HM Forces and is actively involved in the planning of the annual Remembrance Day parade in the town. 

FERGY, pitched up to assist in the prep for the parade.

At some point The pub landlord rented out a property to FERGY, as he had nowhere to live following the break up of a relationship, with a woman he had a child with in the Huddersfield area. 

Fergy was involved with a service charity at the Old Colonial pub, known as the Mirfield Rifle Volunteers. 

He would attend their events, such as Dining in nights, dressed in his RM badged blazer. 

After some ex serving started asking questions he disappeared sometime last year owing outstanding rent arrears to The landlord of £8500.00 – 

Soon it was common knowledge that Fergy had disappeared and that his Marine credentials were fake. 

A CC1 was then sent out with the dates FERGY claimed to have served. 

Over 100 former and serving RM contacted the club who served during the dates he claims to have served.  Not one knew or had heard of him which is strange considering he made it as a C/Sgt. 

Also No RM friends of his Facebook page. 

One example from an ex Bootneck 

I certainly have no recollection of the bloke, a former cook in the RAF would usually be remembered when he joined the Corps, and the rest of the story is fucking highly questionable! Obviously he wasnt tortured badly from the first gulf war in 91 if he worked for JM soon after!!! I look forward to following this one.

His name and date of birth was then checked via our contacts and no trace of him ever having served in the RM could not be found.

The only pictures he could muster during his time in the RM!

He has also claimed to have served in the RAF as a Chef.  
Which is, unconfirmed as yet, so please share with your RAF pals 


He was an SAC chef at raf Waddington  97 – 2000 and very well liked or trusted.

What he told people 

He claims to have served in both the RAF (as a Chef) and the Royal Marines (Trade unknown), reaching the rank of Colour Sergeant. 

He claims to have been captured and tortured during the first gulf war, and to have been rescued by US Rangers. 

He also claims to have been a personal bodyguard to John Major in the nineties. 

Funny as special branch performed such duties for the PM back then.

As a footnote , the Strathclyde Police also want to speak to FERGUS AINSBURY about the disappearance of a large amount of cash and valuables from his Mother’s home in Scotland following a visit from him and his daughter. His Mum is suffering from Cancer.

What a CUMPER