Those who have been with us long enough know of Ken Raybourne and his attempts at blackmailing the WMHCHQ when we let him think he had dirt on us.

A quick look from back in the day.
Ken Raybourne
14 August 17:38

you tell me as im sure your prized group would like it plastered all over the page on how you got caught for being a walt, dishonourably discharged for drug taking and that you have hounded school kids and ww2 vets

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
14 August 17:40

Ok so what are you say we cool off you go away?

Ken Raybourne
14 August 17:42

no you take my posts down and appolgise in your group for harrasing me and make sure i have my name taken from your hit list and your members warned any more post about me they will be deleted
The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

14 August 17:42

What and say we got it wrong as people will want to know why
Ken Raybourne

14 August 17:43

tell them you found out the truth, either that or im exposing you on your own page”


In short Ken was willing to overlook the allegations he thought he had on the admin as long as we took all the evidence of his walting past down. What a great guy! 
We thought we had seen it all until we crossed paths with Chris Webster. 

Early today on 18/07/2018 Chris Webster started posting Links on several Facebook pages hinting the admin of the WMHCHQ were an Royal Navy who had been convicted as child sex offender

So being the little shits we are, we decided to let Webster run with it and see if he would follow the same route at our Ken. 

Knowing Websters modus operandi for throwing dirt towards anyone who asked questions over his charity accounts or who accused him of sexual harassment we knew it would not be long before he took the bait. 
The following screen shots tell the sordid tale. 

So there you have it. Yet again someone we have exposed was willing to resort to blackmail just to get everything pulled down. 

What a guy. By far the worst Walter Mitty type charity con artist we have come across to date. 

We use this quote from Webster 

We have all the messages from this convo and links still if you back down