Meet Dave Lee King the super specuuuul soldier.

We were tipped off about Dave King by one of his victims.

What she had to say.

I’m met Dave on the Tinder Dating Site,  he seemed a honest genuine person and treated me very well in the first few weeks. I thought I had found my perfect man and fell for him hook line and sinker.

But Two weeks into the relationship he informed me that he was a serving SAS soldier that trained officers in weaponry when he wasn’t deployed on operations of a few days at a time at Conningsby and Washington Lincolnshire .

He even clarified his position by sending me an email which allegedly was through a MOD email account. I didn’t know any better and believe what I saw and what he was telling me.

A few more weeks into the relationship things began to change, Dave became possessive and claimed he had PTSD telling me horrendous stories he had experienced while being deployed. This included killing of young children and the killing of terrorists by his own hands, even Had me washing blood off his boots and uniform when he returned off these so called deployments.
I accepted his changing and possessive behaviour as part of his PTSD and what he was going through. Treating him to presents etc to try and make him feel better.

I moved into his rented property quickly and paid him £450 a month towards bills also buying food etc. During that summer I found A profile of him on POF (plenty of Fish) a very detailed account and that night he said he had been invited to the officers mess at Conningsby.

I sent him a screen shot and his phone was turned off. He managed to get out of this by saying it was an account made up by his friends wanting to catch out another woman, again I believed him.

Things went from bad to worse, so I moved out 6 months later but remained in the relationship.

I had distanced myself from family and friends and deleted all social media at his request making me feel alone and helpless.

He made it impossible to contact my closest friend and family so I turned down family events and friends events. He did this by either saying he was deployed at that time or couldn’t face going through his ptsd.

Dave was still going away on these deployments at a day or two days notice and Prior to Christmas he said he was sent to London to monitor for any terrorist threats and sending me pics of him on the London eye.

Christmas came along and He didn’t even want to spend Christmas with me but he still accepted the iPhone and presents I had got for him.

Then things started to change in that new year, Dave started to distance himself by saying he was working at Catterick training new recruits and something to do with a new to programme where young adults are filmed going through the army training process.

I hardly saw him. On the odd occasion he would come home and we would meet up.

He had also been going through EMDR therapy for his PTSD, also going to hospital for his high blood pressure.

While he was at Catterick he told me that his monthly wage had been reduced through sickness to £895 per month which hardly covered his rent back in Lincoln.

Telling me of this I told him to go to working tax credits, I didn’t give him any money that’s when things were worse than ever.

Not seeing him for several weeks I turned up at his house one night and found him with another woman. He denied me access and still has my belongings and refusing to return them to this day. He now is claiming PIPS and housing benefit or maybe has been doing all the time I have known him.

This man feeds off the vulnerability of women. Preying on their goodwill and kindness and claiming off the state for his alleged illnesses.

He is now blocked out of my life and I still don’t know the truth of his army career or even if he had one at all.

I’m slowly rebuilding my life as this man destroyed me with his betrayal.

A love rat to the highest degree, I hope no other woman falls for his lies and deceit and has to go through what I did. I’m just relieved I didn’t hand over all my savings as this is what

He has shown me a medal that he said he got when he was stabbed in the stomach. It’s a perfect 2 inch scar under his belly button, no jagged edges. He has no other medals
He’s also told me about going on tour with the French last year and how some of these guys died next to him. Said he could feel the zip of the bullet past his own head.

How men have lost their sight and limbs while being out on tour with him.
More Rambo stories 

He gave two little girls a lethal dose of morphine because they had been tortured and raped to the point of being ripped apart. His colleagues couldn’t do it so he did.

He said him and his colleagues went into an office block under the agreement of no prisoners so they shot and killed everybody, even innocent people. Said you have a one/two second time gap to decide to shoot, they didn’t and shot everyone

Told me how he put a knife in someone rib cage slower than normal so they died slower and also how he was trying to break someone’s neck and it wouldn’t break. He said he could feel the tendons snapping and this man vomited on him.

The investigation

Let’s look at this screen shot email again.

Only one problem.

There is no C Sqn in the U.K. 22 SAS and he isn’t old enough to be Rhodesia C Sqn 22 SAS.

There is a C Sqn 21 SAS but the email signature block makes it very clear what he’s claiming

Someone dropped a bollock in their walting research there!

Also that little bitch of a thing for not finding his details on the Para data base has not helped him.

Soon after we posted his come on down he deleted his accounts and went to ground.

Not sure why😁



Once Dave King crawled from

Under his walting rock, he at first attempted to type hypnotic tricks on the team

Posting post after post on the thread and via PM on how we had been had, suggesting the tip off had some how faked the emails and reports just to get back at him.

He claimed he said he was in the SAS or sent any emails and that he was in the RAF for a little while but never completed basic.

This behaviour continued for some time going out of his way to paint his victim in a bad light


We then let David King know we had so much more then we let on and mentioned the content of an email from Claire!

Then the wheels came flying off, using shouting text which is a sure sign of walting on the ropes behaviour.

Then after claiming we had been had, played and suckered in by a manipulative women. This

Now as members of this club know we allow the confession to stay up for 24 hrs then as long as the majority of the club takes it as being sincere, we take the lot down. However……

Dave kept playing the PTSD and all his work for “charity” card along with playing the ….

Like Dave did for years with his victims he attempted with the WMHCHQ members playing the sympathy card, but then getting angry when we had not taken it all down within a few hours of posting. He even went to the lengths of creating fake profiles to support himself. Yes fucknuts we were watching!

This continued for some time then he started throwing dirt back at his victims.

We will not show what he was posting after that as he was divulging personal details of his victims.
For us and the majority of the club it was clear cut. The apology was not sincere. He was caught out and only wanted it taken down ASAP so his other victims are not made aware.

Serial walts never learn! He displayed all the characteristics of a narcissistic bully who is well versed at manipulating his victims using sympathy.

He had no thought for the people he lied to and he continued to try and throw them under a bus to excuse his behaviour and only interest was himself.