Yet again Chris Webster is attempting to stick two fingers up to the law.

For those new to the world of charity scammer Chris Webster a brief run down on how he does it.

Everything we know about the Afghan Heroes charity investigation

Note in the link Prize Pomotions who we have exposed in the past for jumping on other forces charity coat tails for their own selfish benefit.

The idea is to look and demonstrate like you are doing something for the armed forces. Posters and a few photos of servicemen receiving a charity gift etc.

In reality very little goes to what is claimed is being collected for.  Chris Webster first came on the scene while leaching of Afghan Heroes.

Once Afghan Heroes went he set up himself, continuing the shoebox theam due its ease to conceal the real figures collected and by piggy backing of a genuine charity he could conceal his real agenda.

Webster would claim he was trying to get charity status and would open several go fund me pages on behalf of genuine forces charity’s or a charity set up by a bereaved relative of a soldier KIA. Most of the time Webster would never seek their permission or even inform them what he was doing.

He and his wife would allow these pages or Paypal requests for donations to a causes to continue, yet never make any effort to publish any accounts over the years he was collecting on the behalf of genuine charity’s.

he would receive gifts to raffle off, yet never account for them and in some cases just stick the gifts in his loft or as one witness, witnessed. Use them as his own Xmas gifts to send out to friends and family.

Webster would go shopping claiming he’s doing it to fill boxes so to send out to our armed forces yet nearly every shopping trolley or items he took a photo of in the back of his car had such things as frozen chips, meat or fish. Not the sort of items you would put in a shoebox.

Webster would surround himself with innocent helpers who genuinely thought they were helping our armed forces, even making them trustees, however, once the question of accountability were asked. They would be banned and belittled by the Websters.

People would be asked to send their boxes to the Websters as a central point, where helpers were to later discover that the boxes which contained their personal letter to a service person was taken out and replaced with a general letter from the Websters. This way only they would receive the thanks and praise. All part of the smoke screen.

So it continues.

Chris Webster was at chesterfield football club jobs fair, showed no ID, no CIC number on display, charity buckets only sealed via a black tie which only he can open.

As followers to the Webster saga know, he reads our pages and reports any photos in order to remove his wrong doing along with some valid comments from our members. So this blog will be updated with those valid comments so to preserve the classics

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He’s clearly still an avid fan of the page as he’s put op a load of pics to try and counter the claims in this post, shame that non of them achieve his aim as non show enough detail to prove they where taken at the event, all close ups no time stamp and the pictures of his home made ID show it on a table not worn on the front of the upper body facing out as required. also has an image suggesting that shoeboxes has been a cic since incorperation only companies house show the name change to include the cic dated 24th July.

He claims on his page that the charity bucket was sealed, but the raffle bucket wasn’t. Sealed with tie-wraps no less! Wonder if he can remember the combination code to unlock his own impregnable security measures ….. Or does he get home and buy a takeaway with the donations ……. I’m being slightly cynical of course.

The only thing sealing the buckets will do, if the seal has a serial number on it, is to stop those collecting for you from helping themselves, when the collector is the same person that will open it it’s totally irellivent unless they have an independant witness to it being sealed and opened and accounted for then they no proof that they haven’t helped themself. All cable ties do is stop some chancer dipping in to the bucket when no ones looking.

A couple of points about CICs that don’t add up as far as Shoeboxes go;

a CIC has to be for the benefit of the local community, by their very nature the shoeboxes cannot be described as benefitting the local community as they are sent overseas, also one of their rules states “CICs cannot be set up only for the benefit of members of a particular body or employees of a

particular organisation”, that would count out the armed forces straight away

What he had his in the loft.

I never claimed it was a charity, you did 

His lies

“SHOEBOXES FOR OUR HEROES was set up in 2011 by Derby Couple Chris and Sherian webster. Chris was a Co-Ordinator for another charity and while with them we made up over 200 boxes with the help of donations from the local community, that we then despatched to the charity for them to send to our deployed service personne”

The following pictures show Websters attempt at setting up a “charity” football match. In light of Websters shady past most people kept away….stacks of people Webster 😂

However yet again Webster misleads the public about where and who he is collecting money for as Scotties Little Soldiers have made it clear to Webster they want nothing to do with him or his so called Charity.

He never made that announcement and also claiming for a second time to be collecting for a little girl without permission and yet he keeps changing the figures

His brother has a few things to say as well

He has even set up a new PayPal account so money can be sent to him directly, but never states what for.

This is the reaction the Lee Rigby foundation got when told webster could not play at their football event.

He asked the foundation to sell some  of Richard Joyce books at one of their events. The Administration posted them back to Richard as he dosnt want to be associated with CW.

We have held from showing some of the constant.

A statement from the charity.

Websters feeble attempt at claiming his accounts were in order. However…..once the good folk of the WMHCHQ ripped them apart. He took them all down.

This just came through from my legal friend;

The man is a looney. He has posted bank statements and accounts. Unfortunately they don’t actually correspond. The accounts shown are for 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 and then 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017. However the bank statements start in December 2014 (these will for the last 3 months of the 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015 accounting) and end Dec 2015 (these are the first nine months of the 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 accounting year). So no supporting bank statements for the final year of accounts as Shoeboxes. Also why is he paying Tomi Tatham £300 on 3 Dec 15 (there is a boxer by that name).
Also worth noting, if you close a registered company you’re meant to shut down any bank accounts linked to that business, any remaining assets then belong to the Crown. If he’s still using the old bank account that money isn’t actually his it’s the Crown’s

Best one yet. It’s in the hands 😁

More people are realising Webster is  not to be trusted

Before Webster could delete the comments. He even made up an email account and sent it to himself. However he made massive mistakes

But have a read as Webster still rattles the charity tin when he’s not supposed to be asking for public donations
Caught out again

That’s funny, Webster used that old chest nut a few weeks ago when he claimed the HMRC had cleared him. Stand by for bluff letter😁

More manipulative posts


From someone who helped send the boxes to the troops

Didnt want to post publically but thats a bull shit excuse. We haven’t recieved any boxes from that walter mitty. I also know exactly who sent the picture and thank you email to smile boxes. That picture and thank you was not sent to shoe boxes for our heroes. 

A lot of the stuff in our boxes were donated by veterans from SSAFA southend. He has stolen that photo.
More things that dont add up

We know it’s from February but just exactly how much money did cw make from this & for how long?!!

One of the frequent accusations was the Websters contempt for the genuine people who sent shoeboxes to troops. The Websters would demand all boxes were sent to him as a means of one distribution point. Claiming it was so he could check for any banned items.

The real reason was so he and his wife could take the original hand written letters out and replace it with their standard printed one with their name only.

This way letters of thanks were only addressed to them, thus giving yet another misleading impression to the masses.

In the photo you can see the box had already been sealed and the tape cut in order for Webster to place their letter instead.

The fact he even took a photo of him in the act and posted it up shows his contempt for others generosity.
Plus those numbers he claims were sent out keep changing 😉

End game

His tinklesplash page

Oh dear a bit premature there lol