Meet Dave Goldsmith 

Dave came to our attention after he was spotted by a club member when he displayed a banner on his company vehicle dash ‘’Once a Marine always a Marine’’ along with the All Arms Commando Course Qualification vehicle decal above his windscreen.
On querying a college of his it was mentioned that Dave Goldsmith claimed to be a Falklands veteran but had been in the company during the occupation.

Mr Goldsmith loves to talk to customers and our club member was surprised on how open he was when questioned about his service.

On the first day of meeting Mr Goldsmith within minutes he presented our club member with pictures from the Falklands and his service achievements which included the Military Cross. Mr Goldsmith continued to flick through his mobile presenting evidence of his service which included his alleged time in the Special Boat Service.

Most recently another college of Mr Goldsmith and during  questioning of the rumours of his service it came to light that he had apparently served overseas with the U.S. Navy Seals.

After an extensive search via our contacts no one had ever heard of which is strange considering the rank and places he claimed he served.  


He’s latest offence was attending the Alexander Blackman’s protest wearing the Green Beret with Globe and Laurel. 

Once he knew we were on to him his walting pictures came down along with his bio about being. Ex RM officer…how strange! 

A few examples from over 100 responses to our CC1

From that picture and his name my old man said he is full of shit. The cap badge didnt come into service until well after 82. Back then they would have wore the globe and laurel and wear the SC (Swimmer Canoist) badge on right lower arm.



I can’t recall coming across this guy. Senior officer ranks you tend to remember because there’s not many of them. He’s not wearing a bootneck officers cap badge. If he’s claiming to be SBS, they were still wearing the globe and laurel badge back then. You might want to narrow your scope of enquiries to any bubble heads from that time.


 Re Goldsmith, had several responses from SNCOs and SD majors from that era and no one knows him so far. Also, that picture of him in a DPM jacket going paintballing,


Not one person claimed to know him from RN, or SBS. 
No AACC records 

No Parachute course history found 

No SAM82 records found. 

No MC records found


What a CUMPER 

Over to you Club members
Then this