Say hi to Ian Starks the latest in a never ending void of tragic walts and bloaters to grace our page.

On a recent advert for a Veterans Charity the cover photo was of Sgt Ian Starks ex RAF Medic, wearing a RAFMS jacket.

An eagle eyed WO currently serving noticed this advert and posted it on the RAF Medics group. Simply asking if anyone knew who this ‘War Hero’ was. The write up on the Veterans charity claimed he’d been captured and tortured.
After we were all certain that this chimp had never been captured and tortured as there was no such record of this ever happening. (Think John Nickol’s the tornado pilot) We called him out on it. His response ..Oh it was a mistake from the charity.

Yes he did enlist into the RAF in 1986 and was discharged in 1994. Yet claims to have served in Kosovo ummm Kosovo was in 1999 Ian.

(Note he changed the medal on the end)

Next we turned to the rank issue, having joined in 1986 and discharged in 1994 as an SAC how the he’ll was he claiming to be a Sgt. Wait for it….That was a mistake by Facebook. Although he claimed to have been a Sgt in the Knights Templar. (Is that something from the game of thrones?).

We then asked Starks to explain the situation he finds himself in.

And here it is.

We tried to speak to Andrew Maule who could back him up, but he became surprisingly quiet once members asked him questions about his service history (more to follow😉)

Soon after Ian blocked us and started upping his FB security settings (original) but even more original he sent his partner to defend his corner and make his position much worse.< a href=””&gt;< a href=””&gt;<<
then spoke to someone who was able to add meat to the bone

It gets worse

He thanked Gary from Corrie for highlighting PTSD and asked Trump to visit him.

Then we have this little Gem<The NBU lists its Birmingham Divisional Officer as former RAF Gulf and Kosovo war veteran Ian Starks, who was the unsuccessful BNP candidate for Sheldon Heath in last year’s local elections.

Once exposed by the paper Ian attempted to suggest he never knew and had been fooled into joining ( that old chest nut)

Ian Starks said he had contacted the group for more details and wasn’t even aware that he had been listed as its Birmingham Divisional Officer.

Mr Starks, a former RAF Kosovo and Gulf War veteran, said: “I never asked to join the NBU and I am not a racist.”<<
likes to blames others doesn't he!

n Balla

  1. No record of the following:-

No NI GSM being awarded

No Op Granby being awarded

No Kosovo deployment as he was not serving.

No record of being captured.

Never made SGT but admin discharged as an SAC.

Never a combat Medic, he was however a medical assistant at a basic level.

Utter bloater

You just can’t make it up. His fragrant wife sharing one of our outings who was using the same claims as her partner