Lights, Camara and Walton.

Welcome to Marcus Davies who had hopes of Military advising the starts of tinsel town on all things military and special forces, who can recall Paul Hornsby and his BS?

So do you want to know more? Then sit back and read about another skinflute trying to bluff his way in more ways than one.

Several ex serving members of the armed forces crossed paths with Marcus whilst working on film sets were he was working as either a military advisor, medic and assistant to the director .

His business card and Facebook profile (before he changed it) clearly states two of those roles.

The tip off

On first impressions he seemed ok & was very helpful with everyone but things soon started to unfold when he came out with information regarding his army career when chatting about his escapades.

With most ex serving they can smell a walt or Bloater at 25 meters and something just didn’t add up with Marcus.

He claimed he had only resently left the forces after serving over fifteen years in an infantry unit the Kings own boarder regiment were he said he served in Northern Ireland and Kosovo.

He then went onto say he left that unit & went for 2 para were he made the rank of SGT in a “specialised unit” which he ran all the guys & was also a combat medic.

In 2 para he said he served in afghan 2 tours & also a tour in Iraq.

As he got more confidence, thinking he had a hooked audience the stories came out.

He told a group during a film called Kaleidoscope man

That he was a sniper in 2 para & had seen things you would only want to see in your nightmares. He said he had suffered from PTSD & was currently seeing a doctor for this..

He showed a group of extra actors pictures on his phone of his leg after surgery which he said was due to being blown up by an IED in Afghan & he was airlifted off as it was life & death situation.

The other actors agreed that things just didn’t add up about him so they started going through the Internet seeing if they could find anything on him.

Our part

The guys sent what they had found to the us, the WHMCHC who are a bunch of twats who practice the art of spoiling walts and bloaters weekends. oh and charity scammers from having a nice Xmas!

We sent out our CC1 and the truth came tumbling out. He should be given an Oscar for “King bullshit”..

On further investigation more was found on line about him which proved he was a dirty little fibber

So a police walt as well

This must be the Life or death IED blast then

That above article was dated 26 JUL 2010 but on his CV he says he finished serving with 2 para in October 2015.. How strange!

Note he changed his name.

“Jimmy, whose business partner Marcus Chadwick is an ex-para” (who told Jimmy he was an ex Para ?)

Here is the page

Not overly impressed with their weapon safety even if only B.B guns.

Do these muppets really work on military films advising on weapons?

We then approached Marcus pretending to be a re-enactment type wanting to be in a film Which Ironically Marcus is linked to for an up and coming film called Pegasus bridge

A low budget film about the Raid to capture and hold the bridge during the D day landings

Once our re-enactment puppet got what we were after and then we pounced.

At first he attempted the classic walt game of “call our bluff”

Note he covered his entry and exit dates!

We highlighted to Marcus that we had been in contact with members who had served with him in Burma Company, that we had checked with 2 Para and found he had never attended a basic military Parachute Course or passed P Company which he would had been required to attend first.

He then sent this vaguely put together climb down, but what exactly he was sorry for? He would not say.

We informed Marcus we had been investigating him and as most bloaters before, he attempted the same old anti walt moves we have seen played out time and again.

We explained he needed to be more specific in his apology if he was truly sorry for his actions. He failed to answer back.

As you all know, we cover every base, giving no room to manoeuvre, but letting them think there is some wriggle room. We then give them a chance to confess so their full walting sins to be kept in the “Walt Vault” never to be seen again.


Two years in the Kings own Border Regiment.

Only made PTE

Always on the Biff

Never passed P Coy

Never Passed BPC

Never a member of 2 Para

Never a combat Medic

Never deployed to Iraq, Afghan, NI or Kosovo.



Marcus Davies or under the other names he’s known by is a Bloating wankspangle.

No Markus Chadwick or Markus Davies listed on the HCPC register, meaning this guy is using a title protected by law. If he is working under the guise of being a qualified medic on a film set then he is potentially braking the law!

The people who manage these type of films should really carry out due diligence first as Marcus has been conning his way on films with one being about an iconic section of British military history which we suspect you would want to see get spot on and without walts dipping their dirty fingers in.

We have a funny feeling they will all know by the time this blog goes live😉

Marcus you should be fully ashamed of yourself


more to come!