Yet another walting Bloater who refused to give up the lie and take up our kind offer for redemption.

Meet Mick Greenwood. Aka Michael Greenwood

He claims to have served with 3 Para during the Falklands in 1982 , served in NI and awarded the LS&GC.

Micky surfaced after a few veterans noticed he was taking credit for the actions of 3 Para after he were tagged in a post on the Ex British Forces page.

Soon after a few guys started asking questions

Greenwood had also claimed to have served with the pathfinder plt and 16 Air Assault.

After some time Green replied

When asked to show the side of the medals he went silent.

He then gave his army number and how he earned his yank jump wings.

However. The number he gave did not stack up as 2452 was not issued until from March 1979 to Aug 1980. How strange. Even stranger he claims to have joined as a boy soldier, but his dob does not match up.

At first he came out fighting

However, Soon the wheels started coming off Greenwood’s walting trolly and like all walts before him, began to Back peddle on the claims and facts……a little.

There are no records of Greenwood under his full name and the number he provided passing a TA or Regular Basic Parachute Course. No Records of him passing P Company.

The truth.

He did attend the TA for a very short period of time at the 2nd Battalion Wessex Regiment. That’s it.

No NI service

No Falklands service

And definitely no LS&GC which should have been a VRSM had he served that long.

During the Falklands he was busy selling sausages and pork chops at the local butchers on Ascot High street.

Pork pies anyone!

Greenwood was fully aware of our kind offer to repent his sins, but choose to claim he was in hospital with a Hart condition (another walt ploy used and abused) just like imagined PTSD from a war he was never in.

Never a Para

Never a Pathfinder

Never served on any operations


What a skinfluting CUMPER