The WMHCHQ have helped expose quite a few dating walt romeos and one of the regular offenders are the dating scams where a serviceman serving over seas makes an online pass to a lady looking for love on POF plenty of fish.

The message exchange starts of with bags of enthusiasm from the lonely soldier and his undying love follows within a few days of chatting.

After a week he wants to be with his new found Love,……….she needs to pay for his leave pass and for some reason his commander is based in Nigeria.


Dating scam

Yep it’s a scam ladies, the photos sent are stolen and your 6ft 3 hunk called Colin is really Solomon Abaeze from Nigeria living in a small Back room having the same conversation with women a over the world.

Here we expose yet another of these dating scams using stolen photos of armed forces personnel. However the TWMHC were playing them at their own game.

This scammer also made the mistake of using a picture we posted up a few years back of a Walts ID card (note the finger nails) plus all the basic mistakes of using a US serviceman on a British army ID card.

The tip off

I met john on pof end noveber last year said he was in iraq bomb disposal.

After a few weeks he was wanting an itune card saying his friend eric corrupted his ipd ,he emailed me m pictures to prove who he was.

He then said his commander needed £900 for a leave pass before he could get a plane home, then commander frank started to text asking what was going on between John and myself,

sending pictures of him on his texted. When question he said no time for civilians roger out.

Then john asked for another £1200 because he couldn’t fly home as he needed liberty passas and the powers that be said had to pay for passes to get leave as in a war zone. He sent halifax bank details to pay money into and i said i only had £800 and couldnt get rest of money as hadnt gone into my bank.

He then said he raised money from his friends out of their food allowence then sent me a picture saying love you and with friends saying he was real with date on it his name is sgt john walker smith. name johnwalkersmith04


John gave his background and sob story as follows

Claimed his regiment was 11 EOD Regiment RLC sent fake army mod90 gives details of london barracks. Claimed he had son who died at 6 with leukaemia, son called dalton and had a wifed who died after they were divorced after he found her cheating twice.

His dad a londoner his mum swedish brought up in america both parents dead so no one in his life but got money and wants to open a restaurant wants you to trust him.

We who would not, so we carried on milking John for a few weeks to see how far he would go.

Try not to be sick at the following text messages and please remember John was being played throughout 😉

honking finger nails of Duane Chapman <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

+447441392493 says is his commanders number commander just in case you missed it.

Commander Frank, if you believe his word had convinced our girl.


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er waste the scammers time.

ing our girl hoping she break and the bank account grow

er further moist by making out our girl had won the lottery.

here was only so much honey pie and sweet nothings we could take.

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py and reluctant to communicate via a simple email

they were getting more persistent even getting his mate from Barnstable apparently, to message our girl.

these internet dating scammers are rife. They take a considerable amount of time to set up fake profiles stealing images to sucker in the unsuspecting.

if anyone you meet on line who's claiming to be a member of the armed forces serving on operations and asks you to send money to get them home it's a scam!

Stay safe!