Another day and yet another bluffing walt darkens the doors of the WMHCHQ. Say hi to Mark Robson

Ex 2 Para and a member of the Pathfinders or by the looks of him The Piefinders platoon.

We were alerted to Robson some time ago and decided to keep tabs on him for a few months before unlocking the confession box

The very large Para Reg tattoo on his back and large selection of brand spanking new Para Reg and PF T-shirts may have had the untrained eye convinced. However, most definitely missing were those photographic memories of his days in the Reg or any hint of mutual friends with all those who served in 2 Para and PF invited to check him out after our CC1 a few months ago.

Robson knew back then that something was up and sanitised his Para Reg obsession, but like all walts the lure for belonging, like the catchy new phrase in the new army adds was to hard to resist and he was soon back to his old tricks and we were waiting.

After our CC1 came back nill return we consulted our contacts and surprise surprise no Para history what so ever. Yep and you guessed yet another Walter Mitty who claims to have PTSD

We then attempted to make contact but Robson was not keen to talk and once our come on down was posted last night ……

His page vanished. What a shock!

Yet another total wankspangle creating a reputation within his community of being a member of the Parachute regiment and pathfinder platoon when in reality he was neither.

In fact no service could be found.


Down the Walter Mitty hole for you Robson.

Update and a sort of apology