Welcome to strange world of serial dating fantasists Grant McNee. AKA Steve McIntosh

McNees first appearance for Bloating was in the Daily Record which he managed to get taken down when he complained to the press complaints commission.

The Daily Record took the article down due to a procedural error, but stood by the content of the article.

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FIVE terrorised women from different sides of the world have revealed how they fell victim to a Scots internet sex cheat.

And they spoke of their fears that twisted charmer Grant McNee has used the web to prey on dozens more women worldwide.

Flabby, red-faced McNee is an unlikely Casanova. He’s unemployed and lives with his elderly mum in Larbert, Stirlingshire.

But he has used a dating website, plentyoffish.com, to snare lovers in South Africa, Canada and back home in Scotland.

McNee’s victims tell chillingly similar stories of how he quickly turns from a loving boyfriend into a snarling, money-grabbing, drunken control freak.

He told two lovers he was an expert in disposing of bodies, and bragged to another that he had been trained to kill in the SAS.

Further investigations revealed McNee likes to make bold claims of being 264 Signals (SAS) yet claims he’s never said such things .

However on his Steve McIntosh profile.

Using the Bloaters tried and tested nudge Nudge, wink wink no comment routine when posting a picture of a chap with some black & nasty on his face McNee clearly is still Bloating.

From someone who knows him.

I knew this bloke went round his flat, he tried to convince me he was SAS Sigs.

Even claimed to have been at the incedent where the SAS killed 8 man IRA ASU at the RUC station they hit with the bomb in the tractor and that he shot 2 of the ters.

He used to show me a picture of his girlfriend’s dad saying he’s was SAS.

He’d done hill phase HALO jumps the lot.

I was trying to help him with his alcoholism, had to call the ambulance and police twice on him.

I knew of the Grant McNee stuff as I told Andy McIntosh who wasn’t happy.

He tried telling me to choose between him or my fiancé.

The guy was a nightmare.

Obviously if McNee was the real deal then our contacts would be able to verify his SF credentials.

Nope. Not known

No record of UKSF Sigs selection attendance.

No military Parachute Record.

He was Royal Signals, just likes to roll the Turd in glitter a tad. You can’t polish it after all.