Meet Alex Bomberg who will tell you he was a former ADC to Royalty., an officer and served in the 1st Gulf War amongst other claims.

These claims Mainly to media outlets and those he seeks business from. Obviously the likes of Sky News and other news outlets are not going to seek royal security advice from a former PTE who was a mess waiting, a driver/Batman.

Bomberg first came to our attention several weeks back and at first we felt one link in French was not enough visual evidence to go by and we were concerned this could be just business bitching in the security industry. Not the first time someone has tried to use us for that reason.

However, we decided to carry out our own investigation searching for other strands of evidence which could link Bomberg to exaggerating his service for gain… other words Bloating or Bloatburging!

Private Alex John Bomberg served in the Gloucester Regiment between 1991 and 1995, Alex was an Officers Mess waiter. In 1996 to 1997 Alex was a driver based at Kensington Palace.

These events are factual, but unfortunately Alex, bloated his military career to the media in order to promote himself as a Royal Protection expert to advance his reputation with the media.

.Alex has made claim that he was an Aide De Camp (ADC) to members of the British Royal Family, an ADC is a position only for senior military officers,

What’s it all about

something Alex never was, he posted this claim in 2009 on ARRSE under his account name bomb-int.

Here he clearly states “I was an ADC at Kensington Palace”

After putting this question to him he admitted, be it reluctantly that he had made that claim

Yet, He claimed on French TV a few weeks ago that he was an ADC.

Royal wedding interview

The pics are the screen shots from the link and google page clearly stating he is a an ADC, every journo cant be wrong and misquote him?

But when questioned he used this excuse

So it’s the interpreters fault! It was also noted that Blomberg was doing some serious pruning of his web and social media pages in order to hide the bloatarge.

Someone must have hacked his phone when he spoke to the jerno as well.

Then During an interview with ‘The Brunei Times’ in November 2013, Alex again is described as ‘…. the former military officer’ and again ‘…The former British Royal Aide’.

It may seem a long time ago 2004, but when Alex knew people had caught him out on his bloating lies, Alex in May 2018 quickly contacted the Stroud News & Journal and asked them to remove the claim about him serving in Gulf 1, nearly 14 years after the article was published, you can read for yourself in the email evidence, where the Stroud News & Journal say

‘….AB reached out to the SNJ . He asked them to correct a claim he served in the First Gulf War, in an article of theirs from 14 years ago.

His excuse when asked.

Strange that for someone who claims to be an intelligence and threat analyst for royalty that his own control on what Is written about him is never checked or corrected and the papers and TV news always think he’s an officer who advised the royals.

The WMHCHQ have had several dealings with the press and we have always checked the articles before the jerno goes to print and we have had not problems when we asked to see them.

He then admits to sprinkling glitter on the turd, but then blames business rivals for exposing his bloating and turd polishing.

Where he attempted to change his own web pages to hide his bloating

We pressed Bomberg more about his role

So why no news or TV reports that state ” Mr Alex Bomberg former Private and Valet to the Duke of Gloster” well that’s not going to sound as good as Alex Bomberg former Officer and ADC aides-de-camp who fought in the 1st Gulf War…….is it?

We then had a chat with others who knew him

WOMD and how he found them

As for his business we won’t comment other than

Once he knew we were on to him he started pruning his Facebook page and began asking his mates to stick up for him. He also used the typical threat of legal proceedings. Like we have not had that before😂

What a Bloater

Not on the same level as James Shortt, but takes one to know one

irony that he now complains