Those who have followed the WMHCHQ over the years know we are not very popular with Walter Mittys, Bloaters and forces Charity scammers for the obvious reasons.

The condemned walts normal “Modus Operandi” or MO as Konjac would say, was to try and call our bluff followed by a car crash of walting buffoonery after their walting wheels fell off once provided with our evidence, tactically harvest before they could hide their internet walting.

Some would hold their hands up, confess and get sent to the “WALT VAULT”. Others would still try it on and a very small section would delete their profile, hide for a while only to resurface under a new name and set up an anti walter mitty hunters or troll hunters facebook.

These pages all ran along the same lines, claiming they are going to expose the admin of those nasty walter mitty hunters who ruined their walting ways.

These pages would attract former exposed and about to be exposed walts in the vain hope they could bribe their way out of the situation they had placed themselves in. several of the Blackpool charity rackets and walts with hard cash have offered huge amounts of Wonga to anyone who could positively identity the admin behind the WMHCHQ.

The WMHCHQ is a big club and there have been several other like minded pages who try to emulate what we do, the admin of these pages have allowed themselves to be easily identified and thus found themselves accused of being the admin of the WMHCHQ with their faces plastered all over internetshire.

So far our identity is a closely guarded secret.  Only the Pope, some bloke called Colin, Boris Johnson and Prince Phillip know. 😉

So with all that, lets talk about Tinklesplash.


At first we ignored the ramblings of the page for what it was. deranged babble created by nothing more then an outraged Wankspangle, angry for being exposed and wanting some kind of control of the situation and a feeling of self importance, after all we took away his fake military identity which he used to gain admiration from the general public.

However, the page started taking a more sinister tone, highlighting anyone who commented on our page and making up some of the most outrageous claims in order to blacken their names and internet footprint.


The creator was also posting pictures of his victims children and making derogatory claims, all to hurt and infuriate those who had really served and their families.

For the WMHCHQ we decided to act so not to let other members reputations be tarnished with lies and fabricated evidence by the people behind these pages.

So off to work we went.


Firstly we looked more closely as some of the comments on this blog to work out when the person behind Tinklesplash first started commenting. We then looked at other posts by disgruntled walts or those claiming to be acting on a walts behalf and identified a common trend in writing style of a set of posts dating back to 2016. After we had exposed Alan Willcox from Southampton and poster called John started posting on the blog protesting for Willcox and playing the disability card.

As much as we sympathise with his disability it was not an excuse to walt in the way he was doing.

Read the link and you can view the comments


John was getting nowhere and his posts became more erratic and desperate, with the normal. “I will get you shut down etc etc, bla bla bla.




exib30 start

John buggers off, but then we get Micky and Jim commenting about every exposed walt.


exib25exib26exib24 sas claimexib23


Micky and Jim bugger off and then we get Tinklesplash

exib6exib5exib4exib3exib2exb 1

Even making out he had thousands of followers, yet only one comment allowed….more on that later.

With the help of some ex members of the Royal Military Police some more digging was done.


It was identified that each of the five email addresses linked to ’Tinklesplash’ have at some time been used to post messages to WMHC from IP address, this IP address belongs to virgin Media and is issued within the Southampton area.
It was noted that two of these email addresses have the number ‘24’ in the name; this is common as humans find it difficult to come up with replacement dates of birth etc.
These are:
A Google search was conducted for ‘Alan Willcox Southampton’
The fourth result – ‘Southampton train station – Accessible Britain’ could be seen displaying the name ‘Alan Willcox’, which is perhaps not unusual considering that the Walter Mitty ‘Alan Willcox’ lives in Southampton, and has disabilities that require the use of a wheelchair.


As it can be noted from the above image, ‘Alan Wilcox’ has left a review.
Upon viewing the page, the name ‘Alan Willcox’ is absent, from the viewable page content, upon viewing the page source, the name ‘Alan Willcox’ could be seen as the author.


The actual content of the page displayed what appears to be his username, namely ‘alan24924481’ which looks suspiciously like a service number. His number from the limited time he had served.

Again you will note 2492 is used in the email Jimhunter2492@.

It can be recalled that one of the email addresses as attributable to ‘Tinklespalsh’ above contains ‘2492’.
Upon reviewing the grammar on the review page, there are also some similarities to the ramblings on the ‘Tinklesplash’ WordPress page.
Furthermore, as it can be seen in the IP Address attachment, in Jun 16, the IP address was used to post using the mickytake4 email address, which was apparently done from Nottingham/Alfreton, but as we can see Willcox likes to travel and post about it.

Tinkle knew something was up and posted this


our guys looked at each of the IP addresses to resolve the ISP and approximate location, each of which pointed to the Southampton area. To be clear Virgin Media and Sky are both residential providers and there is no way these IP addresses are used by VPN providers, VPN providers tend to have servers in data centres as they would not be allowed to use residential ISPs and the bandwidth would not be sufficient.
Knowing Tinklesplash watched our page we posted a link to a new walter mitty hunters page called walter mittys exposed, On this page we set a simple trap and asked a member to post a picture of his flat. Nothing else, no leads or even a hint as to who lived there. Willcox did not disappoint .

Wow. How did Tinklesplash know who we were on about or where he lived.  Then flapping diversions taken from the book Cunning plans by Mr Sod off Baldric claiming to be from Blackpool.

Then more digging when Tinklesplash mentions Willcox army number and his alleged time in 63 Signals SAS which is the same claim made by Micky.

exib24 sas claim


We then posted up a CC1 out to all those who had their pictures along with accusations posted on the Tinklesplash page in order so victims of the page could collect visual evidence along with DTG of the offence.

The Tinklesplash page then switched to private and he started taking down his posts. However, Google is a bitch


No place to hide

He then attempted to call our bluff and open the page back up, but this time attempting to play the victim, only to drop yet another clanger.


Only one problem the Crime Ref number was issued in 2016 around the same time we exposed Willcox and from Hampshire. Willcox partner Alison who was desperate to identify the admin had used this number when she attempted to threaten the page with the police unless we took his outing down.

We then posted an IP and Email address and a further picture which until now was locked safely in the Willcox file which had never been used in his original outing.

Only he would know it was posted by his partner Alison


He then, Buggered off.


Members, introducing a little splash of tinkle as Alan Willcox.



But is does not stop there. He was used by another exposed Walter Mitty and charity con man, in the form of Chris Webster to spread his accusation and hate via proxy


It became obvious Webster was in contact with Willcox and feeding him in order to smear those who publicly exposed him.  The only Comment ever allowed on Tinklesplash


Webster being the slimy chap he is approached other pages attempting to get them to do the same.

We set up two clone Anti walt pages to ID the tinklesplash fake account of

and Webster made contact and did not disappoint.

Looking at the dates of Webster’s allegations and the date information/ allegations contained on tinklesplash Coincidence?


Will you ever learn Webster. We have more.

As with most walts and bloaters we have exposed, they like to desperately have the last word. It’s some sort of walting comfort blanket for their cumpery.

Willcox did not disappoint. Firstly admitting he was behind the trolling, then doing a runner with his final good bye post to his imaginary members. How sad!

Then after we announced the Walter Mitty of the year 2018 on New Year’s Eve. He came back via Facebook

Claiming he does not use social media platforms, but using social media to troll people yet again.

still waiting