As the pressure from TWMHCHQ builds up on the scam magazine the veterans Journey and their money making is taking a hit, Wayne Kirtley decided to bubble some other members of the Blackpool scam ring who are attempting the same scam as him, in the vain attempt we would take the heat away from him. No honour amongst thieves!

On further examination Ironically one of his very own sellers is fronting this latest scam and like Kirtley, he is claiming he hires ex forces to sell the scam.

But first from the bubbling grass himself.

Once we dusted off the old BATCO wallet and decrypted his message we took a look at the link.

Yet again using the armed forces as the main thrust to gain their ill gotten gains and like The Veterans Journey, claiming they employ ex forces to sell the magazine, yet to date. Not one has been found when confronted by real veterans.

We then looked at the main poster who claimed the following

Stephen Brown of Blackpool who we exposed selling for the Veterans Journey

Despite bubbling Brown to us, both Pele Duncan and Wayne Kirtley both liked their mates scam page.

Obviously keeping an eye on the competition.

People have already start to question them and like Kirtley and his gang the same line is given

Again like The Veterans Journey the magazine is most probably plagiarism of someone’s work

And wrists bands again, what a shock.

Kirtley yet again bubbles known Charity scammer Michael Figg.

Who fat little fingers are in many charity scams, using ex forces to disabled children as a front to exploit the loop holes.

More to follow

Here is the latest scam Facebook page just in case you want to ask questions 🤪

Kirtley then attempted to justify with a little bitch rant and claiming the same things he claimed 12 months ago