As members are aware we have been hitting companies, particularly those from Blackpool who set up bogus charities and magazines sales to exploit the good name of the Armed Forces and con money from the general public for their own selfish aims.

One name who is constantly linked to these scams is Micheal Figg

Last week two of his ex employees bubbled him to us for starting up a magazine along the same lines as A Veterans Journey

Owner Wayne Kirtley in a vain pathetic attempt to take the heat off himself and his scam operation has been very vocal about Figg.

Pele Duncan who now claims both are immoral after only now wanting a clean brake to run Red Arrow recruitment

Kirtley claims Figg is a Sex offender in his own words

Michael Figg () – has posted on Awareness News FB page. Now he mentions a company but which one (or is it both). Figg opened Awareness Distribution Ltd (share company) 25 April 2017. Now he has resigned as a Director, but he still owns 50% of that company. Or does he mean the good old faithful TVT Fundraising Ltd (formally The Veterans Trust ltd – share company limited by guarantee so technically non-profit)

He also owns this company

How can they have been going a week (Riggs own words) & be on their second publication ! It’s meant to be quarterly!

These guys seem to like Keswick Mr Figg and one other currently selling Awareness magazine.

Mr Figg was there last week as well. They are not claiming money goes to good causes but are promising guaranteed work for any veteran that gets in touch with them.

So Figg has offered to speak to veterans over the issue of his magazine and offer to put veterans into work.

Figg and his company house of cards game

Figg when attempting to defend himself gave interesting response.

But this was yet another lie as Neilson was, but only a director for two months – Figg should have informed Companies House. So TVT Publications Ltd (No. 10388268) never traded – Figg should have closed it then with Companies House.

Is that what happened with his previous company with exactly the same name.

Figg opened TVT Publications Ltd (No. 09515278) for the first time in March 2015 with one other Director, Nick Travis. Travis

only stayed a Director for two months before resigning (properly this time).

Figg missed his first filing date with Companies House in March 2016. In June 2016 Companies House commenced compulsory strike off from the register and the company was finally closed on 13 September 2016.

Now on 21 September 2016 Figg, with Neilson this time, opens a brand-new company called TVT Publications Ltd (10388268).

Surely, he could have salvaged the original company (very easy to do) and just added Neilson as a director to it – but maybe that involved producing some accounts of some description.

So, no money being collected anywhere??

Using Children

Link to the filing history page for this company on Companies House. Accounts lodged on 19 April – you just need to open up the pdf to see the full accounts

This leads on to what Figg said when the Mirror spoke to him in January this year when they did the article on Kirtley. Figg said he was collecting for a charity called Our Children’s Welfare. Our Children’s Welfare has failed to lodge accounts with the Charity Commission and is now 42 days overdue (having had 10 months to submit them) – basically they are gone.

Also, the women the Mirror spoke to for the charity, Emma Parriss, who was given to them as a Trustee of the Charity (presumably by Figg) is not listed as a Trustee with the Charity Commission. Emma Parriss isn’t particularly clean herself although the Mirror article is the only link to Figg.

Now if he was collecting for this charity at the end of last year / beginning of this year what company was he using. If I have understood the accounts for TVT Fundraising Ltd correctly he can’t have been using this one – it made a loss?

If not, was he using Awareness Distribution Ltd (No. 10738916) which was opened in April 2017 (but presumably was for his magazine) or TVT Publications Ltd (No. 10388268) – the one with Neilson – which was in the process of being closed by Companies House from December

2017. Both these companies are share companies and not non-profit companies.

Just in case this is a screenshot from Awareness News FB page where Figg claimed to have raised £100K for Andy Allen’s Charity (David De Sourza’s digs at him).

If he did raise that sort of money what company did he use. Wonder if it was one of those ones that didn’t trade!

Spotted in Preston. We know things are getting harder for Figg as he used to get others to sell his scams. Less people want to get involved these days


Figg and co in Peterborough cashing in on Xmas shoppers when his scam magazines