As yet another scam magazine bites the dust due to poor sales. Another one pops up and should be spotted in Weston Super mere last week, but the rotund pie eating parasite Ben Neilson.

Now sporting a new badge and selling Nation News. Same scam just a new format. So let the information flow begin.

in Basingstoke today 11/10/2018 and looks a lot like veterans journey. I am guessing it’s another scam

Here are a few pictures of Ben Neilson spotted scamming money for that other scam magazine veterans Journey (read link)


When he worked fo another known charity scammer Micheal Figg

Read link about Figg who set up his own scam Veterans magazine

Micheal Figg

Another Scam Ben Neilson set up just before Remembrance Sunday was calledHercules Supporting Veterans

Which he quickly wrapped up after we exposed him.

He then went into partnership with Wayne Kirtley setting up two further failed charity scams

Here is Ben Neilson verbally abusing a member of the public who asked him where the money goes to

Ben Neilson abuse

Andover 12th Oct 2018

Hassling old folk and looking very suspicious lurking about. Did they have permission?

Saturday 13 October in Chippenham Wiltshire

Phil Marlow claims he was as ex REME yet when asked because a real ex REME could not name any of his instructors, then got aggressive.

Facts from people who know him.

“He worked the door for the past 10 years an he was on the doors before me scum bag he has never been in the services as far anyone iv spoken to knows”

He has form for stealing

Ben is not a happy bunny.


great work by club members who reported them in Chippenham and a big up to the Wiltshire police who saw through their BS and moved the parasites away, they also took their magazines off of them.

The parasites then moved to Winchester to try their luck there and were seen doing a runner once alerted that we were on to them.

Keep it up guys. They will be out tomorrow.

Profits not so great today Neilson?.

Photos and information supplied by Wayne Kirtley who also bubbled his other rival Micheal Figg

Update 22 Nov 2018

Same two are in Hastings selling the scam” magazine…

Spotted operating around the south area over the last week. Bournemouth