Say hi to our latest wankspangle to grace these hallowed walting grounds in the form of Brett (mad dog) Walvin.

Brett had a few profiles on Facebook with them all giving it big licks about being a member of the Parachute regiment and Pathfinder platoon. “Back in the Day” stolen stock photos etc, etc etc

As well as being a former head doorman, aren’t they all.

With pictures of Para Reg and claims of fighting PTSD it was plain to see this chap needed some WMHCHQ love.

And it did not take long to investigate him.

First we checked to see if he had a Parachute Course listing. You guessed it. None what so ever.

We checked via members of 3 Para and the Pathfinders and again not known by anyone.

Then we posted up our come one down and within the hour Brett had been in full walt backpedaling mode dewalting his profile pages. Epic CUMPER fail as those who frequently visit our pages know we always gain the evidence first.


Total walt