We get our fair share of trolls at TWMHCHQ who could forget Alan Wilcox with Tinklesplash angry at the club and its members for being exposed as a Walter Mitty

However every now and again we get the odd lonely type craving some attention hoping to get a rise. In most cases we tend to ignore, but because it’s Xmas and for comedy value we thought we would oblige. After all trolls need attention and as no one reacts to all his had work on his own page we thought we would give him this Xmas gift and guys something funny to read.

We were first contacted by Sheridan 12/122018 when he was posting enquiries as to why we had not exposed someone wearing a combat 95 shirt.

Obviously Sheridan wanted attention and it became obvious he trolls armed forces pages for that very reason

Other club members remembered Sheridan for trolling forces related pages and trolling for reaction anyone who reacted would have pictures of their children posted up with offensive comments made about them. As soon as the effected party retaliated he would shout bully and racist homophobe from the roof tops and claim he’s proved a point. What point that is no one really knows .

At first we thought about just ignoring him as the saying “Don’t feed the troll” should apply. However we thought we would suggest some stress relieving recipes,to waist his time 😉

Sheridan was not happy at our stress busting suggestions

For a little while Sheridan blocked us as quite possibly our suggestions about Flan were a tad wild and outrageous. But like all bad trolls they need to come back for more attention and he did not disappoint!

Not sure Sheridan was happy with our helpful hints at a stress free life.

He blocked us. We thought we were berry nice to him!

Then came back

After trying his best and failing miserably to get a raise he went silent. Quite possibly the 3 Para Mortars June hit close to home.

This was intriguing on how he came to this conclusion after our advice on cakes, flans and Berry tea advice.

sort that blood pressure out.