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We have come across these parasites before.

The fat one is Ben Neilson and the gormless looking one Pele Duncan.

Both of Hercules Supporting Veterans.

From a member of the club who knows them well.

“none of them have and they’re all linked. Ben Neilson who was on here defending his Hercules SV collections a while back is now selling Wayne’s magazine even though they both swore blind they had nothing to do with each other. Ben was listed as a director of a company alongside Michael Figg who was exposed in the Mirror for running another scam military charity – The Veterans Trust, so in reality it’s all just the same bunch running a different scam every time they get caught”

Wayne Kirtley has since admitted to being the owner of this latest scam

who we exposed running this racket

Please read the link

Like his side kick Pele Wayne is reluctant to show the content of the magazine, which is strange as such a simple act would be such an easy thing for them to do.

Now working under a different guise, but again Harassing people particularly old people outside the St Johns centre in Liverpool.

When asked to show ID, became aggressive. Simply report them to the police for aggressive selling and threatening behaviour.

Now with The Veterans Journey Military Magazine,

The first time we exposed them

Wayne Kirtley simply changed the name

The reason for not wanting to show the magazine as partly admitted by Pele is the information has just been taken from online and cheaply printed.

Please share this around all pages local to the area.

The same people spotted in Portsmouth and Salisbury.

More to follow


Lights, Camara and Walton.

Welcome to Marcus Davies who had hopes of Military advising the starts of tinsel town on all things military and special forces, who can recall Paul Hornsby and his BS?

So do you want to know more? Then sit back and read about another skinflute trying to bluff his way in more ways than one.

Several ex serving members of the armed forces crossed paths with Marcus whilst working on film sets were he was working as either a military advisor, medic and assistant to the director .

His business card and Facebook profile (before he changed it) clearly states two of those roles.

The tip off

On first impressions he seemed ok & was very helpful with everyone but things soon started to unfold when he came out with information regarding his army career when chatting about his escapades.

With most ex serving they can smell a walt or Bloater at 25 meters and something just didn’t add up with Marcus.

He claimed he had only resently left the forces after serving over fifteen years in an infantry unit the Kings own boarder regiment were he said he served in Northern Ireland and Kosovo.

He then went onto say he left that unit & went for 2 para were he made the rank of SGT in a “specialised unit” which he ran all the guys & was also a combat medic.

In 2 para he said he served in afghan 2 tours & also a tour in Iraq.

As he got more confidence, thinking he had a hooked audience the stories came out.

He told a group during a film called Kaleidoscope man

That he was a sniper in 2 para & had seen things you would only want to see in your nightmares. He said he had suffered from PTSD & was currently seeing a doctor for this..

He showed a group of extra actors pictures on his phone of his leg after surgery which he said was due to being blown up by an IED in Afghan & he was airlifted off as it was life & death situation.

The other actors agreed that things just didn’t add up about him so they started going through the Internet seeing if they could find anything on him.

Our part

The guys sent what they had found to the us, the WHMCHC who are a bunch of twats who practice the art of spoiling walts and bloaters weekends. oh and charity scammers from having a nice Xmas!

We sent out our CC1 and the truth came tumbling out. He should be given an Oscar for “King bullshit”..

On further investigation more was found on line about him which proved he was a dirty little fibber

So a police walt as well

This must be the Life or death IED blast then

That above article was dated 26 JUL 2010 but on his CV he says he finished serving with 2 para in October 2015.. How strange!

Note he changed his name.

“Jimmy, whose business partner Marcus Chadwick is an ex-para” (who told Jimmy he was an ex Para ?)

Here is the page

Not overly impressed with their weapon safety even if only B.B guns.

Do these muppets really work on military films advising on weapons?

We then approached Marcus pretending to be a re-enactment type wanting to be in a film Which Ironically Marcus is linked to for an up and coming film called Pegasus bridge

A low budget film about the Raid to capture and hold the bridge during the D day landings

Once our re-enactment puppet got what we were after and then we pounced.

At first he attempted the classic walt game of “call our bluff”

Note he covered his entry and exit dates!

We highlighted to Marcus that we had been in contact with members who had served with him in Burma Company, that we had checked with 2 Para and found he had never attended a basic military Parachute Course or passed P Company which he would had been required to attend first.

He then sent this vaguely put together climb down, but what exactly he was sorry for? He would not say.

We informed Marcus we had been investigating him and as most bloaters before, he attempted the same old anti walt moves we have seen played out time and again.

We explained he needed to be more specific in his apology if he was truly sorry for his actions. He failed to answer back.

As you all know, we cover every base, giving no room to manoeuvre, but letting them think there is some wriggle room. We then give them a chance to confess so their full walting sins to be kept in the “Walt Vault” never to be seen again.


Two years in the Kings own Border Regiment.

Only made PTE

Always on the Biff

Never passed P Coy

Never Passed BPC

Never a member of 2 Para

Never a combat Medic

Never deployed to Iraq, Afghan, NI or Kosovo.



Marcus Davies or under the other names he’s known by is a Bloating wankspangle.

No Markus Chadwick or Markus Davies listed on the HCPC register, meaning this guy is using a title protected by law. If he is working under the guise of being a qualified medic on a film set then he is potentially braking the law!

The people who manage these type of films should really carry out due diligence first as Marcus has been conning his way on films with one being about an iconic section of British military history which we suspect you would want to see get spot on and without walts dipping their dirty fingers in.

We have a funny feeling they will all know by the time this blog goes live😉

Marcus you should be fully ashamed of yourself


more to come!

Meet Jemma Thompson – The Walting Matilda targeting vulnerable Vets with PTSD & nice military pensions. Lets go through the facts.

Real name is Danielle Evans.

Claims on her bio that she was born in 1990, making her 27! Bloody hard life if she looks like that at 27 years old…Actual age is believed to be around 45/47.

Service number that she has used,saying is her own, would have made her 8 years old when she joined up, going on her age being 45.

Sends photo of herself as a dog handler in the Army, not her, it is actually the photograph of a female veteran who lives in Scotland.

Sends photo of a RM claiming it is her son killed in Afghanistan, the RM is very much alive & is being informed of the abhorrent use of his photo.

Claims she worked at Canadian Battlefield tours, email from the organisation confirming this is not true.

Tried to target another veteran with PTSD, despite him having a girlfriend, allegedly encouraging him NOT to get treatment for his injuries.

Currently accusing another veteran with PTSD of battering her & has stolen his medals & his dog.

Claimed to be in a relationship with a well known veteran & that he also battered her, despite him being married & only knew her on Facebook.

Is allegedly now staying in Rhyl with another vulnerable veteran, contact is being made to him to make him aware of her dubious behaviour.

This woman is a liability & dangerous to any

veteran who is vulnerable & has a pension!

Google is a wonderful thing, and if you’re unfortunate enough to have your antics appear on TWMHCHQ and then attempt to bluff your case when given a chance then rest assured you’ll have your very own WMHCHQ Blog entry in no time at all. 

So say hi to Scott Highton the very latest in a seemingly endless parade of bluffing cnuts who are on a one way trip to ridicule! 

Scott was brought to our attention by a few individuals who were taken in by his suggestions of being a member of “them” and being best mates with “them” 

You know the type, befriends known public figures who are members of the SAS. Then go out of their way with the power of bloating suggestion that they are linked via their bloated service history. 

Scott however takes it a little further. 

Read the original link to his outing

Obviously we like to give people the benefit of confession before things go Pete tong.. 

As most readers of this blog know. The subject either owns up and they get fired off to “Walt Vault” history never to see the light of day. 

Or try and bluff their case further and dig an even deeper hole. Scott did not disappoint.

As word got around internetshire people who had worked with him or ladies he had spoken to about his exploits began to surface. 

Scott then does the AOWBC (Actions on Walt being Compromised)

He starts taking his suggestive bloats down and making excuses along with abusing anyone who questioned him. 

However, as pointed out dig your hole and lay in it 

To some chick. Oh that picture again. That is a pathfinder Scott and most definitely not 84000 ft lol 

He claims he knows this chap and was on P Company with him. Only one little problem Scott. You was never on P Company!

The pic with the link is of a CP training photo. Origin is a russuan website but on his page, he makes out it was mates from his team in the sand Pitt 

So for his real service  

He was a serving member within 1DWR 1st Battalion the Duke of Wellingtons Regiment 
He was Pte in B Coy 1DWR and was part of COP in NI. 

He did about 5 or 6 yrs Weston Camp, public duties London and left early into the Osnabruck posting.

He did his COP course late 95 after about six months into the tour in Belfast.

What he never attempted.

He never attempted P Company or passed it.

He never attempted or passed UK SF selection 

He never attempted or passed a basic Parachute course

He never attempted or passed a HALO course. 

Scott Highton you sir are a Bloater 

As the time to remember those who gave their all for our country arrives  yet another scamming forces orintated charity pops up on our radar this time in the form of Hercules Supporting Veterans. Yes just like Hercules Veterans Support and with links to associates of that scam. 
Reports began to surface of the same MO, targeting the old, pressuring them to part with their money to help the armed forces. 

In Chester 

So let’s look at the guys running it. 

Ben Neilson 

Now Ben is involed with TVT Publications Ltd Scam Company 

Like the other scammers before Ben cannot say when questioned where the money is going other than his bank account.
Who just happens to have the famous charity scammer Micheal John figg as his business partner. (Note the overdue accounts)

Now Mr Neilson is claiming that he knows nothing about Michael Figg or TVT but he hasn’t managed to get his name removed from the register!

Figg operates another company called TVT Promotions Ltd along with Nick Travis. Another scammer exposed last year behind several scams 

Nick Travis (left) and Mike Figg outside The Veterans Trust

Read all about their previous 

Neilson also claims he didn’t know about the other Hercules scam called Hercules Veterans support that we had exposed, but Paul Horn is friends with him and Pele Duncan one of Bens Money collectors.

Duncan a known scammer from Preston and someone not to be trusted with money 

the links and names will continue as we build yet another intelligence picture of these parasites!

 No stone to hide under boys 😉

More to come 

Well after all that, he finally confessed to having never been awarded any medals……well sort of a confession. Will let you decide😉

Catch up if you don’t know about Starks

Say hi to Ian Starks the latest in a never ending void of tragic walts and bloaters to grace our page. 

On a recent advert for a Veterans Charity the cover photo was of Sgt Ian Starks ex RAF Medic, wearing a RAFMS jacket. 

An eagle eyed WO currently serving noticed this advert and posted it on the RAF Medics group. Simply asking if anyone knew who this ‘War Hero’ was. The write up on the Veterans charity claimed he’d been captured and tortured. 
After we were all certain that this chimp had never been captured and tortured as there was no such record of this ever happening. (Think John Nickol’s the tornado pilot) We called him out on it. His response ..Oh it was a mistake from the charity. 

Yes he did enlist into the RAF in 1986 and was discharged in 1994. Yet claims to have served in Kosovo ummm Kosovo was in 1999 Ian.

(Note he changed the medal on the end) 

Next we turned to the rank issue, having joined in 1986 and discharged in 1994 as an SAC how the he’ll was he claiming to be a Sgt. Wait for it….That was a mistake by Facebook. Although he claimed to have been a Sgt in the Knights Templar. (Is that something from the game of thrones?).

We then asked Starks to explain the situation he finds himself in.

And here it is. 

We tried to speak to Andrew Maule who could back him up, but he became surprisingly quiet once members asked him questions about his service history (more to follow😉)

Soon after Ian blocked us and started upping his FB security settings (original) but even more original he sent his partner to defend his corner and make his position much worse.

We then spoke to someone who was able to add meat to the bone 

It gets worse 

He thanked Gary from Corrie for highlighting PTSD and asked Trump to visit him.

Then we have this little Gem

The NBU lists its Birmingham Divisional Officer as former RAF Gulf and Kosovo war veteran Ian Starks, who was the unsuccessful BNP candidate for Sheldon Heath in last year’s local elections.

Once exposed by the paper Ian attempted to suggest he never knew and had been fooled into joining ( that old chest nut)

 “Ian Starks said he had contacted the group for more details and wasn’t even aware that he had been listed as its Birmingham Divisional Officer.

Mr Starks, a former RAF Kosovo and Gulf War veteran, said: “I never asked to join the NBU and I am not a racist.”

He likes to blames others doesn’t he! 

Ian Balla 

No record of the following:-

No NI GSM being awarded

No Op Gramby being awarded

No Kosovo deployment as he was not serving. 

No record of being captured.

Never made SGT but admin discharged as an SAC.

Never a combat Medic, he was however a medical assistant at a basic level. 

Utter bloater 

You just can’t make it up. His fragrant wife sharing one of our outings who was using the same claims as her partner