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This latest instalment of the WMHCHQ blog will highlight the desperate attempts by those who want us shut down in order to hide their walting and Bloating ways.

When they have managed to get the main page shut down they can’t help to try and Bragg which always backfires once we point out a simple fact.

He who laughs last, laughs the loudest

Now it’s inevitable our pages will be unpublished by the Facebook police every now and again. After all we simply expose the truth behind these people lies, who wish to carry on, conning people, so we have made quite a few enemies over the years.

Every walt or bogus forces charity we have exposed always cry bully and harassment as soon as their lies begin to unravel. They are happy to Harass others when attempting to conceal the truth, but just hate it being done back.

Most of the Blackpool forces charity scammers have decided to move away from the forces and use other causes, which is partly due to our page and its members.

Walter Mittys and Bloaters have started to become more sly in their social media bragging, again due to the clubs combined success rate in our investigation methods and the far reaching contacts within the membership.

To date our main page has been unpublished by Facebook some six times since we began.
Our annual Walter Mitty of the year is normally when our page is at its most vulnerable as all the walts not wanting to win, mass report the page.

The last time our page was taken down was by the Blackpool forces charity ring who were desperate to stop us as we were hampering their operations and income.

They managed to get the page pulled by claiming threats had been made to individuals. The truth being they had created several fake profiles who then posted threats deliberately with the aim of reporting them to Facebook.
As already pointed out we are the victims of our own success, but it’s a very small price to pay when the truth is out there in order to educate the wider public that they people pray on for a living.

Our latest charity scammer Chris Webster is no different

and evidence has come to light he with his many fake profiles along with several others who are benefiting from the scam did the very same.

This is due to one reason the truth about his lost five years of collecting money and his true persona came through on this clip

Since the clip went live and in conjunction with our reports on both the Webster charity operation and sexual deviant ways more events and forces related organisations have turned the Websters away and for very good reason. Which then resulted in the same practice being employed as the Blackpool scam ring.

However, it’s a shallow victory and short lived as the Blackpool lot found out as when they inevitably post under one of their fake profiles to brag. Our reply however leaves them feeling somewhat flat when realising the damage has already been done and the WMHCHQ are still in business.


As these latest screen shots posted to our back up page today clearly demonstrates.

Webster with the obvious question and one day old profile soon ran with his tail between his legs once this fact was pointed out.


what he had to say about forces wives



Not very respectful to our forces wives!


Better luck next time

Hit the link, it’s well worth a google

Webster then attempted to play the press and claim he was a victim of a witch hunt by scored women and that he feared for his safety. He claimed he was threatened at his stand, however the film clip clearly shows no such threats, just questions over his charity dealings. Webster was also keen not to mention the WMHCHQ as he knew folk would search for us and get the other side of the story . This attempt miserably failed as soon after it went on line the Derby Telegraph took it down. Why? we don’t know, but could have something to do with Webster lying to the hack who only took his word.


For those who did not manage to read it, here it is!







Now with all that said and done and ignoring all the blatant lies he told the reporter and considering how he claims his family feel vulnerable and upset. Webster began to antagonise the situation further on the fall back WMHCHQ by attempting to bait “real vets” as these screen shots clearly demonstrate




dsfdgt - Copy

We allowed Webster to post his taunts solely to demonstrate what a gift he really is. playing the victim, but with all the people we have exposed they all one common trait  Narcissistic Personality Disorder” They just cant help themselves to brag a victory. But as we pointed out.

One of his own dwindling supporters points this out quite well!


There never was one…..for Webster!

Well what a pickle Lee got himself into. 

Meet Lee Vaschez who up until posting on Fill your Boots last night was walting away under the radar withnot a care in the world. 

However Lee must have been on 40% proof Pickled eggs as he made some rather unusual comments which caught the eye of our ninja members who then spotted his Para Reg tat. 

Soon the wheeles of Walt justice rode out in to the sunset on his trusty 70’s chopper bike called Wankpuffin in order to investigate this fine specimen. And it did not take long. 

Within an hour we had it confirmed he had never attended P Company or a military Parachute course at RAF Brize Norton. In fact he had never attended Depot. 

Lee claims to be a prison officer at MCTC, and the new uniform is very eye catching 

If you work for serco that is😀 was lee about to get more egg on his face?

We then gather more int on the one photo he had in uniform he claimed was him. 

Looks like him Only that we found it on line and the dates of the DPM patten and SLR with PVS2 nightsight did not Mach up from when his old school chums had left school with him. They say he was a few eggs short of a dozen. 

Now you are all wondering why all the egg references in the latest outing. 

Well here you go.

Now just maybe Lee had had a few to many pickled eggs one night and got his para Reg tat only to wake up in the morning. But we tend to think he’s just a wankspangle of a Walt who has been found wanting.


What a Cumper 

Lee was asked to comment but subsequent took his page down. 


For all your walting needs 

Chris Webster has finally published an Income Statement for Shoeboxes for Heroes, enabling us to gain a better understanding of its inner workings.
First, a quick recap of the public record:

 2011: Chris and Sherian Webster established Shoeboxes For Our Heroes.
 July 2015: Chris Webster created a fundraising page on to raise £5,000 to “become a registered charity and to do more for our armed forces and their families”.
 Oct 2015: Chris Webster registered Shoeboxes for our Heroes with Companies House as a limited liability company.
 Sep 2016: Shoeboxes announced that it was holding “Its final trustee meeting…to finalize the details before submitting our application to become a charity”. Shoeboxes also posted a screenshot of its started but un-submitted application with the Charity Commission.
 Oct 2016: Chris Webster applied to Companies House to have Shoeboxes struck from the company register. (By doing so, Webster took control of Shoeboxes as a sole trader, which means he can keep any after tax business profits).

1                                        Shoeboxes’ draft application: ID 5088022
Since WMHC HQ took an interest, Chris Webster has publicly claimed that the Charity Commission declined the application because Shoeboxes did not meet the £5,000 income threshold.

26th April 2017, Webster states that Shoeboxes received less than £5k
Yet, his now published accounts tell a different story. At the time that Webster claimed to have submitted his application to the Charity Commission, Shoeboxes had already crossed the line, raising £5,341 in the prior financial year, ending in March 2016.

Shoeboxes’ Financial Statement of Income
On June 14th, Shoeboxes invited concerned members of the public to email them for clarification at Shoeboxes’ official address

Our correspondent duly emailed Shoeboxes a list of questions; however, rather than shed light on the matter, Chris Webster chose to go the expense of having his solicitor respond with a refusal to comment further:
 Did Chris Webster actually submit the final application to the Charity Commission; or, did he just delete it or let it expire?
 Why did Webster publicly claim that the Commission rejected the application for not meeting the £5,000 income threshold?
 Was the Commission shown a different record of accounts, or was Webster being less than truthful when he stated that the Commission had rejected the application?
 Has Webster ever registered Shoeboxes with HMRC, as a charity?
 Now that Webster has acknowledged that Shoeboxes exceeded the £5,000 compulsory threshold for registration, when can we expect him to submit an application with the UK Charity Commission?
As the UK Charity Commission succinctly put it ‘If in doubt, ask the collector for more information…A genuine fundraiser should be happy to answer questions and explain more about the work of the charity’.


We will let this clip of Chris Webster being asked those very questions do the talking.

Meet ex pioneer Sean Franklin, pictures here flaunting a para Regt tattoo on his holybobs giving it big licks and demonstrating his para landing shit dits with the other holiday guests 

The Tip off

This creature was one of the worst useless soldiers I have served with and just noticed he’s now sporting a parachute regiment tattoo. There is no way he went into the paras. 

The checks. 

Not hard one really as there is no record of a Sean Franklin having ever passed P Coy or attending RAF Brize Norton for Military Parachute training. 

So why did get the tattoo?

What his fellow soldiers had to say

We attempted to contact Sean but sadly as per WSOP he did a side left off Facebook 

What a Cumper!

Welcome to part two of the Chris Webster saga.

In this instalment the WMHCHQ will demonstrate the modus operandi of Chris and Sherian Webster and how they deal with people who:-
Ask basic questions about the administration of charity funds, pay pal accounts and unotherised just giving pages in the name of other charity organisations without their consent.

When questions about his real service in the armed forces  asked after holes appear in several stories he had told people.

Unwanted sexual advances by chris Webster towards war widows and deployed soldiers wives.

Abusing his position to make unwanted advances and sending explicit pictures of himself.


For all the right reasons images of a sexual nature have been covered. The video he sent abusing himself to the unsespecting women is now with the right people!

The lady he sexually harassed was distressed and shocked at how Webster turned a normal conversation into something vulgar. Rather than stop, Webster continued to Harass her.

It’s alleged this is from a 17 yr old female army cadet Webster had befriended  screen shots to follow

How blackmail and mud slinging is used by the Websters to counteract and avoid criticism.

Resorting to using several fake profiles to back up their actions


This page will open the eyes of what’s left of his and her dwindling support who have been taken in by their lies and manipulation.

Chris and sherian Webster have directly provided the WMHCHQ with evidence when attempting to blackmail the admin and has demonstrated their modus operandi which several witnesses claimed they were subjected to after falling foul of the Websters.
Racism and affiliation with the EDL, the list of evidence goes on!
Stand by for a ride of your lives in the next few days as the visual evidence is prepared.

If yjou needed more evidence of Webster web of deceit he goes and hands it on a plate by setting up his very own troll page so he can further harass his accusers 

Although not very smart as Webster used the same picture he has on his own personal page.

How basic can you get?

Soon Websters page was taken down as more people started to see his and her true colours.

Then more people who have had dealings with Webster approached us

My Name is

Eben Tatam 

In 2011 I others started up Tab 4 The Fallen 11 in tribute to a friend Cpl Russel Aston KIA Iraq 2003.

Last night I was informed of a statement by a Mr Christoper Webster 

As I was not on the 2012 event due to being in The Falkland Islands. Adele Aston Fessey, Marc Goring

And others who I haven’t been able to get permission to use theirs names.

Well 2012 we decided we would find a small Military charity to raise cash and awareness for. 

It was decided that Talking to minds would be The said charity. Due to us still being novices we opted to promote their giving page and the cash was collected on the day counted and a cheque was sent by Marc Goring. Mr Webster made a comment about the said Tab as i say I wasn’t there that year. Last night I went on line and googled our Tab and low and behold there was a virgin just giving page that had been set up by you guessed it Mr Webster in 2012 in the Tabs name which none of the Tab family members new about as I asked them all last night. But Mr Webster had decided to choose three very good charities may I say Pilgrims Bandits Troop Aid and the Royal Marines Trust. But completely missed out our said charity Talking 2Minds. To add insult to injury I also found a media coverage done by the Derby Evening Telegraph of mr Webster promoting the Tab for his own publicity not even mentioning any of the charities let alone the charity we had chosen so yes Mr Webster did do the Tab but at no point has Mr Webster ever organised one. Mr Webster hijacked our event to use for his own public gain and blatantly failed to mention anything but his shoeboxes.

As the truth shines through Websters supporters begin to fade

Now hassling everyone via PM to report the page.

Poor deluded people! Chris and Sherian are re posting the same stuff hoping to throw smoke, but the saying goes. No Smoke without Fire…Food for thought! 🙂






Yet again trying to gate crash another Charity which has told him to keep away



In this next section we have further evidence of Chris Webster blatantly misleading what supporters he has left. In these screen shots Webster claims the conversations were between two consenting adults, That they were over two years ago and attempts to suggest he was deliberately set up by these two women. However, two screen shots we are posting below were taken in 2016.

These were screen shots of conversations between Webster and three other women who were not consenting to his behavior, Otherwise why is he apologising  for it! You note a common thread here where Webster makes his advances and when they are not reciprocated he either turns on the victim or plays the innocent and claims its the first time hes done it which then creates and gains sympathy from his victims. There are more, some we have not posted up at the request of the victims others claim they deleted him after his advances.



As most walts and charity scammers  do once they know the game is up 

Then just as a bloated turd won’t flush the Websters start harassing folk and making laughable threats via this profile chris Archer.

However if your going to fake a profile try not looking up something so easy to trace 😉

More lies

Richard wanted to distance himself from Webster due to the allegations. 


Now pestering his loyal followers to vote for a charity which is not a charity or even a ltd company 


Further evidence of the Websters attempting to obtain money. Webster has been found to have opened several “go-fund me ” pages using the backdrop of soldiers KIA as the reason. In most cases the families of the soldiers were unaware of Webster.

Webster would leave these pages running, while every now and again posting a link to the page. 

The page below had been running since 2015. One the day the WMHCHQ highlighted this facts, the Websters closed it down.

Another method of gaining unaccounted funds has been by a pay pall account which the Websters set up and control. 

Here is a flyer the Websters are clearly asking for donations when they re neither a charity or a business. Despite the Websters claiming they were trying to gain charity status for over five years, they never have! To date no accounts have ever been forthcoming and anyone who asked would find themselves subject to abuse and mud slinging at the hands of the Websters and their many sock puppet accounts.

More events are starting to wake up to Webster as are banning him from setting up his fake charity. He’s going to have to start paying for his own food soon rather then use his bogus charity to supliment his income!

We must be getting to him as Webster and his sidekick are now claiming one of our admin is a serving RAF sex pest .you really are showing your true colours  😂

Yes again this is a small section of Webster making vailed threats to wives who comment  while their husbands are away, yet crys foul and hides behind a solicitor who coincidentally has her maiden name listed as Webster!


Spotted and challenged in Northwich town centre Cheshire, wearing the RBL poppys and insignia hiding ID and becoming agressive “help the Soldiers” they were shouting, making vulnerable people believe they are a Charity, but for some strange would avoid males who could look after themselves. 

Again this time at Reading outside the Oracle being aggressive and hiding IDs claiming it all goes to charity.

Infact they are a LTD company nearly all money going in their pockets with no evidence of any money going to charity.

They got aggressive when challenged reported to Centre management and Police and are now under investigation!
1. No money goes to help any service personnel £3 for bracelet £1 to collector £2 into bosses bank account.

2. Wearing RBL Insignia 

3. Accuses anyone who questions them of being rude and threatening in order to get them removed.

4. Pretty much legged it when the police were called

5. No valid pedlars licence between them!

6. Staight up scumbags

One of there sellers identified as 

Paul Horn from you guessed it Blackpool. Oh what a surprise and we are sure if we join the dots with his friends list we will see some other known Blackpool scammers 

If you see them get us good mug shots and their names. 

If they become aggressive or refuse to show their collecting ID called the police. Be aware they use fake names on ID’s as most collect benefits in their home town so are not keen on being exposed!

Meet  Dwayne Lee  who likes to call himself (He’ll boy)

who is or was also linked to several scam forces charities / promotion companies that we have exposed in the past. After further investigation it turned out Dwayne was in fact 

Wayne Kirtley. At first when questioned he attempted to suggest he got the job from an advertisement in his local Job centre. After we gave him enough rope, we dropped the bomb on him that we know who he really was. The same boy who owns the business and the very same who beat his pregnant ex with a toy guitar.

Dwayne or Wayne then sent these through trying to make some sort of point, As thick as mince as all he’s actually done is prove that they’re up to no good as they show that they don’t even promise a set percentage or name any specific charity

After a few hours of trying to defend themselves the WMHCHQ asked them both where they would be selling their bands so we could take up their kind offer of a chat. Both Paul and Wayne had a change of hart or their balls shrank as previously they were giving it large how they would meet anyone anywhere. 

Wayne Kirtley then claimed he was sitting down his company. 

We shall see and we will be watching 
Stay tuned more to come 

Shoeboxes for Heroes
Founded by Chris and Sherian Webster in 2011,

Shoeboxes for our Heroes (Hereafter referred to as Shoeboxes, for the sake of brevity) claims to have sent nearly 20,000 morale boosting boxes to deployed service personnel. Indeed, on the face of it, this seems like a worthy cause, reminiscent of Princess Mary’s Christmas boxes from WWI.

Registering a Charity with Companies House and HMRC

Chris Webster registered Shoeboxes as a limited liability company in Oct 2015, with himself named as the only director.

Registering the organization with Companies House is an important first step. It made Shoeboxes a living, legal entity subject to the two inevitable things in life: Death and taxes.


Webster’s next step should have been to inform HMRC that Shoeboxes was being run for charitable purposes. This would have enabled him to get tax back on things like Gift Aid donations, effectively boosting them by 25%, and reduced business rates. For a small charity, these tax advantages can be a lifeline.

I asked Webster for Shoeboxes’ Gift Aid certificate and he stated that they do not have one because they have not registered as a charity with HMRC, as they did not make £5,000 in income.

At best, Webster is confused or badly informed. You do not need to make £5,000 in order to register as a charity with HMRC. That threshold applies to the point at which you must legally register your charity with the Charity Commission.

If you make less than £5,000 you should still inform HMRC that you are a charitable organization. You can even legally seek donations, but you must make it clear to the public that you are not registered with the Charity Commission, which Shoeboxes does in several places on its website and Facebook page.


In Oct 2016, Webster applied to have Shoeboxes struck off the list with Companies House, and its application was duly enacted in Feb 2017.

Incidentally, this was done before he would need to file any accounts. This means that Shoeboxes no longer exists and may no longer trade. Legally, it is as dead as Monty Python’s parrot.

As part of winding up operations, Shoeboxes was required to have announced closure plans to interested parties, and HM Revenue and Customs. It should have also dealt with business assets and accounts, including any remaining donations. Under Charity rules, a closing charity would normally have to donate remaining funds and assets to a similar cause. So, it would be reasonable to ask the Websters, what have they done with the remaining assets, including any donations?

Instead of winding up operations, Chris Webster is continuing to run the organization by seeking donations, and operating under the Shoeboxes for our Heroes name. It would appear that he has now personally taken control of the assets, income and operations of a legally dead company. This could well be fraudulent, and there is little doubt that HMRC and Companies House may take an interest.

After having registered Shoeboxes for Heroes Ltd in Oct 2015, why did he apply to dissolve it just one year later? Surely not because he would have been legally required to file annual accounts.

Why is he continuing to run a legally dissolved entity, as if nothing has happened?

Registering a charity with the Charity Commission

As previously stated, you are not required to register a charity with the commission until you hit the £5,000 mark. Because Webster closed the organization before he needed to send Companies House its accounts, we do not have visibility on Shoeboxes’ income. However, given that Webster has claimed to have dispatched over 3,000 boxes already this year, one might easily conclude that its outgoings have exceeded £5k, if we simply assume a box contained just £1.70’s worth of goodies.

Of course, outgoings do not necessarily equal income, so we cannot say that Shoeboxes earned more than £5k, but presumably the money came from somewhere.

Since at least July 2015, Chris has been trying to raise funds, ostensibly so that they could become a registered charity. He created a fundraising page on in July 2015.

The page states “We have set up this page as we would like to be able to become a registered charity and to do more for our armed forces and their families”. To date, they have collected half their fundraising goal of £3,000 (To go with the £2,000 they claim to have already raised).

So how much does it cost to become a registered charity? Must be expensive if you have to raise thousands of pounds, right? Not so much – it costs nothing to apply to the Charity Commission to have a company, which is already registered with Companies House, officially registered as a charity. It also takes less than an hour to fill out the application, assuming that you have all your ducks in a row, and the commission aims to give an answer within 4 months.

So what exactly is Webster raising funds for? And, why has he struck Shoeboxes for our Heroes Ltd from the Companies House register?

Here’s a recap on how to correctly set up a charity: Step one is register a company with Companies House. Step 2 is inform HMRC that you are a charitable organization. Step 3 is apply to have it recognized by the Charity Commission as soon as your income hits £5,000. There is no middle step that says, ‘Now strike your registration with Companies House’. That would be going backwards and actually does cost money!

Without seeing the true accounts, I cannot and will not make any assumptions or accusations that donations have been misappropriated.

However, I am willing to state that it is a badly run charity which is actively taking measures to avoid oversight and public scrutiny.
If Chris Webster wishes to change my assessment then he should start by doing the following:

  •  Explain why he has struck of Shoeboxes for our Heroes Ltd, from the company register, while still operating it as a going concern.
  •  Publish his annual report, income statement and balance sheet.
  •  Publish the names and contact details of the trustees of the charity.

I’m sure he would agree with me on the need for greater transparency, as he expressed similar concerns about Help4Heroes:

Finally, I’d like to nominate Chris Webster for hypocrite of the year, for this little gem:

Chris Webster Jun 2014 Shoeboxes for our Heroes Jan 2017

I have forwarded my findings to Companies House and the Charity Commission for further investigation.
I will also be watching closely to see if Webster pops back up with a newly registered entity, enabling him to stall the filing of any accounts for yet another year; while giving the public perception of business as usual.

The author is a veteran, an MBA graduate and a long-standing trustee of a charity with an annual turnover of £5million.
Read more

Webster now claims he has stood down …..we will see!

However despite claiming he was stepping down, he has now changed the pay pal to and is asking for donations.

your not a charity Christopher nor are you a registered company, so why are you still acting illegally!

Up date 13 June 2017

Obviously Chris and shrinan Webster are keen to keep their little “fund” going, despite claiming they are not a charity or a non for profit busines. However, more evidence has come to light  that chris Webster is not only deceiving the general public by collecting money dressed in uniform to which he has no right or permition to wear, but also still collecting money via several collection tins and buckets around the Darby area. Including the post office at Cherry tree hill. fast food vans  and several other shops who have been taken in by the Websters deception.

What you can do. If you see or here of any event we’re the Websters are attempting to set up a stand report him to the event organisers. Providing this link.

Report him to the Royal Mail complaints department. Making reference to the illegal nature of an unregistered and unaccountable individual placing collection buckets at charity tree hill post office in Darby and Webster has potentially placed others illegal collection pots at other PO in the Darby area.

Provide this link as your reference.

If you witness Webster collecting at events. Take photos. Then call the police. Webster is acting illegally and obtaining money by false representation and has no licence to collect money.

Report his paypal account for charity fraud

Report the Websters to charity commission

Report the Websters to the charity fraud line

Again use this page and the screen shot evidence as your reference.

Webster then attempts to prove his accounts are in order

Yet when asked about the last five years the Websters come out with this excuse

First Gazette notice for voluntary strike-off yet still collects money and goods under that company name

So now the Websters are trying to blame his followers and only now want give credit to others. However the Websters set up shoeboxes for heros as a business under the name Chris Webster so is solely responsible for the accounts of incoming donations.

Again the Websters block and refused to fully answer questions

Yet here we have evidence of the Websters threatening people who tried to genuinely help without agendas. The Websters simply wanted control
“It had been organised by Chaddesden-based Rolls-Royce worker Chris Webster, whose charity Shoeboxes for Heroes sends parcels to Armed Forces personnel, who are serving their country.

The money raised from the match will be split 50/50 between his charity and the Colin Bloomfield Melanoma Appeal.

Chris said: “This was the second match I have organised for the charity and the first in Derby.”

long eaton carnival Nottingham

Little fibber


from an angry relatives of one of the soldiers KIA.

I have spoke to someone who was very high up in h4h charity organisation and he has said that Webster needs reporting to Yorkshire regiment benevolent fund due to him using the Yorkshire regiment lads for some of his campaigns without permission from the families (including my cousin) and what he has been doing scamming and being associated and using these lads is a defication of their names and the Yorkshire regiment and is disrespectful to the families as he hasn’t asked permission. Also he has been collected foe the abf charity had collection tins on his shoe box stalls which no charity would ever allow and if they did the whole of the money would have to be sent to the charity and they would then have to in turn donate to the shoe box cause so they had a full paper trail of all money collected so they can not be accused of any fraud I will attach photos of evidence